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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Javier stops by Lulu’s place to invite her join him for breakfast, despite her disinterest in him.  Dante listens at the door, unhappy with Javier’s interest in Lulu.  Later on, Dante meets up with Lulu at the bordello, and she assures him that all is fine. 

Spinelli interrupts Sam’s business call to let her know he's getting his gun back from Jason and going after Anthony.

Maxie tells Jason that he should propose to Sam in order to get Jackal to turn back into Spinelli, since Spin was so fixated on JaSam’s personal lives.  Maxie tells him about Spin and Anthony’s earlier fight, but Jason points out that Jackal doesn’t care about enough for a proposal to affect him. 

Maxie goes to Sam and tells her that she told Jason to propose as a way to fix Spinelli.  Sam isn’t happy with Maxie's actions.  Maxie feels this is what it will take to cure Spin, but Sam says Jason doesn’t want to get married and they’re happy right now.  She informs the fashionista that she's doing something she doesn’t want just to save Spinelli. 

Spin goes to Jason and asks for his gun back.  Jason tells him to stay away from Anthony.  Jason floats the idea of proposing to Sam and wonders how Spin would feel about that.  Jackal is surprised that Jason would be considering something like that and calls him a sap.  Jackal wants Sam working at the office, not being at Jason’s beck and call with babies in tow. 

Liz bumps into Lucky at the hospital and tells him about Cam’s trip to the zoo.  The two reminisce about Jake’s love for animals.  Siobhan, who’s being discharged, interrupts, not happy to see the two of them together.  Liz wishes her all the best and leaves them. 

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Once they’re home, Siobhan talks about wanting to go to the beach and reminisces about her childhood.  Siobhan apologizes for running into the burning house, saying she should have known that Lucky was burning it down, and not in it.  She feels it was some sort of tribute to Luke.  Lucky doesn’t even remember why he did it and Siobhan says guilt and grief are terrible burdens.  Lucky points out that there’s no rule book to mourning a child. 

Siobhan reminds him that he confided in Luke before knowing he was responsible for the accident. She wonders who’s supporting Lucky now and suggests grief counseling, but Lucky doesn’t even want to discuss it.  When Siobhan pushes, he angrily yells at her.  She fears for him, but he promises her that too many people need him.  Siobhan asks if he’s still working through his program, which he admits to and wonders what she wants.  She says again that she wants to go to the beach and he agrees, only if she gets the okay from her doctor. 

Michael’s bored with work and wants to spirit Abby away, but Edward shows up with Asher, asking Michael to come along for a conference call.  After the call, Edward compliments Michael.  Asher points out there’s another deal pending, and Edward wants Michael’s input.  Michael feels the company is holding back.

Edward comes back later and lets Michael know that he called the company’s bluff and bought the shares at half price.  He congratulates Michael for helping and wants his input on all deals.  After Edward leaves, Asher tells Michael that needs to be careful with what advice he gives Edward, because ELQ is in a weird place. He could actually do real damage, if he 's not careful.

Tracy runs into Anthony on the docks.  He claims he has an offer for her, one she says she’s not interested in.  Anthony claims that Johnny has kicked him out of the business, but he has assets and wants to invest in ELQ.  Tracy points out that ELQ is a legitimate business and doesn’t want his money.  Anthony tries to come on to her, stopping her from leaving, but Tracy very forcefully tells him to get out of her way.

Javier is arguing with a belligerent customer, who then comes on to Lulu and tries to drag her upstairs.  Dante takes the guy down and kicks him out.  Javier is impressed and Dante claims he was once a bouncer. So, Javier offers him the position and Dante takes it.  Lulu asks Lupe to convince Javier not to hire Dante, claiming that he distracts her, but the job has been offered.  Lupe sees Dante hiding his police badge. 

Maxie meets with Spinelli, who tells her he knows about the possible proposal, but isn’t interested and feels Sam needs to be working.  He kisses her again, and she knows he has a gun on him. 

Sam expresses her annoyance with Maxie’s obsession of marriage to Jason.  Jason wants to know how she feels, since they’ve been talking around it.  He feels that she’s nervous and pretends she doesn’t want to be married, because she’s afraid it will be taken away.  Sam points out that they were engaged once and despite their love, it all fell apart.

Jason tells her to trust him and tell him what she wants.  Sam says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.  Jason seems to be about to propose, when Maxie shows up, telling them that Jackal is going after Anthony with a gun.

Spinelli and his gun find Anthony on the docks. He informs Anthony to listen very carefully, while he talks.