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Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Soaps: "Why We Are Just NOW Canceling Them?"

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Modern Family'sJesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) is no fan of daytime soaps! The popular actor caused a little bit of a dust up on Twitter yesterday following his snarky comments on the genre. Ferguson tweeted:

Controversial thought: As I am waiting for my car to be serviced I am catching a soap opera & wondering why we are just NOW canceling them.I don't know which soap it is but I just heard this chestnut of dialogue: "I don't know what it is...but he is sex on a stick".

Ouch! Ferguson must have felt the wrath of soap fans all over, because  he quickly responded:

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Sorry that I pissed of so many soap fans! No offense to many of the great actors on them... Soaps are obviously just not "ma thang". In all truthfulness I DO need to see how this scene plays out on" Days of Our Lives". #AngryLadyAtDoorInPrettyDress.

Later, the actor joked the incident off by saying:

Here is a picture of my friend Lea DeLaria who plays Madame Delphina on OLTL. She says you can't be mad at me anymore.

Maybe someone should school Ferguson on how it was revenue from soap that funded much of primetime development in the 80's and 90's? Twitter hath no fury like a soap opera fan scorned!

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