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Why Prospect Park Should Make Susan Lucci an Executive Producer on New All My Children to Get Her to Sign On


Will Susan Lucci actually make the digital leap with All My Children to the web? That definitely seems to be the million dollar question. While reports have surfaced that Lucci is planning to make the move online with the series, her rep tells ABC Soaps In Depth, Lucci "hasn't made any plans."

This is where it's time for Prospect Park to take a page from primetime and film and cut the project's biggest star in on the proceeds in order to entice her onboard. Susan Lucci and Erica Kane are just as essential to All My Children as Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw were to Sex and the City. I say make Lucci a deal to be co-executive producer right alongside Julie Hanan Caruthers, and give her a stake in the series' profits, much like Darren Starr did with Parker and the SATC franchise. Lord knows Lucci's earned it. Who, other than Agnes Nixon, knows Pine Valley's lore better than La Lucci? 

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After embodying the most glamorous, sexually-brazen pop culture antiheroine since Scarlett in Gone With The Wind for over four decades, I think it's time Lucci got a little piece of the AMC pie, not to mention the respect from her mainstream peers she's often lacked. Plus, just think of all the free press making her a showrunner would generate for the new series. Come on, Prospect Park, make this diva an offer too fabulous to refuse!