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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie informs JaSam that Spinelli is going after Anthony, so Jason takes off after Spin.

Anthony is surprised and annoyed to have Spinelli pull a gun on him. It doesn’t take him long to get the gun away from Spin.  Spin wants the gun back and Anthony wonders if Spin is suicidal or just plain stupid. He quickly realizes that Spin is out of touch with reality. 

Jason shows up in the nick of time and Anthony gives him Spin’s gun back.  He warns Jason to keep an eye on Spinelli and to make sure that he doesn’t come near him again.  Jason drags Spin back to the PI offices and pretends to need Spin’s help on a case.  He has Spin staking out a bakery. 

Asher wonders how Michael will handle the pressure if things go wrong, but Abby feels Edward has no problem taking Michael’s advice.  Tracy gets to the office and Asher updates her about the deal going through, but Edward praising Michael.  Tracy bursts into Michael’s office to find him and Abby kissing, and goes off on them. 

Michael’s angry with Tracy for bursting in and disrespecting Abby.  Edward comes in and backs Michael and Abby, who is aware of the inappropriateness of her actions.  Edward feels Michael has the right business instinct.  Tracy points out that Asher did most of the work on the deal, but Edward isn’t interested since Asher isn’t a Quartermaine and thinks Tracy is jealous.  Edward wants Tracy to apologize to Abby and make things right, so she doesn't drive away his only heir. 

Kristina meets with Ethan at Kelly’s and lets him know that she’s onto his scam.  She knows Mabby is still together, because she followed them home. She also knows that Ethan made up the lie about Abby to push her away.  Ethan tries to convince her that Abby is only with Michael for the money and they are hooking up behind Michael's back, but Kristina isn’t buying any of it.

Dante’s grateful for the bouncer job.  Javier is concerned about Lulu, but she says she’s only there until Luke gets back.  Javier is happy to have Dante to handle the unruly customers and says he has other things he can throw Dante’s way, like moving product.

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Lupe tells Lulu that she saw Dante’s badge and wants to warn Javier.  Lulu tells her she’ll blackmail Dante instead and run him out of town, so that Javier never has to know.   Back at the apartment, Lulu tells Dante that Lupe know he’s a cop, as Javier eavesdrops at the door. 

Maxie and Sam figure Spinelli needs help, but are unsure of how to get it to him.  Maxie asks what she interrupted. Sam admits they were talking about marriage, but she’s scared, since it ruins relationships.  She and Jason found their way back to each other and she doesn’t want to lose that.  Maxie wonders what would have happened if she and Spinelli had gotten married. 

Tracy goes back to Michael and admits that he has Edward wrapped around his little finger. She warns him that Edward thinks he’s found his replacement, but she wants Michael to quit before he does any real damage to the company.

After Michael leaves for the day, Tracy and Edward continue to argue about his suitability.  She mentions that Anthony asked to invest in ELQ, which Edward thinks is horrible.  Tracy points out that since they hired Michael, it sends a message to all criminals.

Asher meets Anthony and tells him the deal was done with a lower bid, which doesn’t make Anthony happy.  Asher tells him of Michael’s involvement.  Anthony says he’s paying Asher to sabotage ELQ, so he can use it for a front, but Michael’s involvement might help.

Sam tells Jason they need to find a way to help Spinelli.  Jason tells her about the fake bakery case and thinks she should help Spinelli with it.  When Sam gets back to the office, Spin asks her about possible marriage plans, but she thinks Jason has changed his mind. 

Maxie wants to know how dangerous Spin’s new assignment is, but Jason assures her it's fake.  She tells him Sam wants to get married and he admits he’s planning on proposing, but just needs to do it right. 

Monica finds Tracy in Michael’s office and thinks she’s snooping.  She just wanted to see her grandson at work.  Tracy reminds her that Michael doesn’t want anything to do with her, so Monica fires back about Ned, Dillon and Luke.  Monica says Tracy’s been unbearable since Luke left and she wants to see her grandchild.

Tracy comments that he’s the only grandchild still alive, and Monica wonders what she’s talking about.   Tracy admits that Jake was Jason’s son and Monica is devastated.  She wonders why she never saw it. Tracy informs her that Liz, Lucky and Jason kept it a secret to protect Jake.  Tracy doesn’t understand why Jason wouldn’t have told Monica.  Monica remembers seeing Jake drop his hat during the winter. She is saddened by the thought that she could have retrieved it and put the hat on her grandson’s head.