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Soap Experts Michael Logan and Carolyn Hinsey Dish State of the Industry

It's Only Their Opinions. Reading TV Guide's Michael Logan's latest feature, an interview with Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey to talk about her new tome Afternoon Delight, may have soap fans recalling their spirited debates from Hinsey's editorial column in Soap Opera Weekly a few years back.


The duo gets real about what they believe got soaps to the point that they need an online rescue, and while I don't agree with everything said (Sorry Carolyn, I don't think gays inability to have unwanted pregnancies, or Middle America's bigotry should be reason enough to say gay stories can't work in daytime, but I do agree that we need more Frank Valentinis!), it definitely makes for an interesting, thought-provoking read! Check out this snippet where they discuss the merits of taking TPTB to task:

TV Guide Magazine: You tirelessly campaign to make soaps better not only in this book but in your Soap Digest column, while I'm more of a cynical son of a bitch who thinks calling these people to task is a waste of time. These network execs either don't give a crap or don't have the talent to deliver first-class programming. They are not into pleasing the audience, they're into remaking — or canceling — these shows to suit their agendas. Still, I admire your faith and positivity!

Hinsey: I do believe we can turn these shows around and make them more successful! I don't know that any execs listen to me but I think some do listen to their fans and try to please them. You can't say that about AMC in the last few years. The head writers just wrote what they wanted. Chuck Pratt said, "I don't care what any of you think. I'm going to write what I want to write." And that was obviously a big nail in the coffin for that show. But I think [OLTL exec producer] Frank Valentini has done yeoman work, especially with a shrinking budget. There's always a veteran on air every day on OLTL — you never go weeks without seeing Viki or Dorian or the Buchanans. The same goes for The Bold and the Beautiful. Brad Bell puts Ridge and Brooke on air practically every day. So I do think they listen and that they do follow Agnes Nixon's famous advice, "If you can tell it tomorrow, don't tell it today," and they're doing it with characters we care about.

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For the rest of their chat click here. To read Hinsey's book for yourself, go to and order a copy for your e-reader!