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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Jax wakes up to find Ronnie handcuffing him in the interrogation room at the PCPD and is fuzzy on details.  Slowly, he begins to remember and accuses Grace of drugging him.  Ronnie reminds him of his rights not to talk, but Jax realizes Sonny set him up to make him look bad and lose Josslyn. 

Dante tries to get information from one of Javier’s girls, but she’s too scared to talk and warns him that no one crosses Javier.

Lulu admits to being Luke’s daughter and asks for Javier’s help to find him.  Javier points out that Luke has gone to great lengths to stay hidden and wants compensation for any information.  He wants Lulu to sleep with him, or he’ll call Luke and warn him off.

Carly’s still looking for Morgan, as Mercedes arrives home . She doesn’t know where he is either. 

Jason interrupts Brenda and Sonny's moment to talk business, which Brenda wants to listen to, but is refused.  Brenda figures Jason’s mad at her for telling the truth, but she believes Jax is doing right by Josslyn, since Carly is unstable.  Brenda leaves and Jason wonders what’s going on. Sonny explains what he did to Jax. Jason points out that this will cause problems with Brenda, who cares about Jax. She will be furious that Sonny hurt Jax to help Carly.  Carly calls Jason to come to the house.

Molly and Morgan take Josslyn to an old pizza shack and Molly’s sure they have a perfect plan.  She figures Carly won’t worry right away and this will give Carly and Jax a chance to work together and possibly reconnect.

Ethan runs into Johnny and asks if he’s turned his father away from Kristina.  John wonders about Kristina, but Ethan assures him it’s just a crush and he called her bluff with a trip to Vegas.  Johnny points out that Kristina can be stubborn, smart and manipulative, but Ethan is sure she learned her lesson after the car bomb.  He feels she’s fragile because of what happened with Kiefer and doesn’t want to hurt her.  Johnny wonders if Ethan actually returns Kristina’s feelings. 

Jax begs Ronnie to believe him, saying Carly’s risks Josslyn life every time she’s near Sonny and he's only trying to save Joss' life.  Jax appeals to the father in Ronnie and says he needs help prove everything was a setup.  Grace shows up and Jax yells out to her to tell the truth.

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Ronnie asks Grace questions, and she claims that when she got to the suite, Jax was acting strangely.  He suddenly grabbed her, and she ran into the bathroom, while he pounded on the door. 

Dante tells Lulu that she needs to leave, but Lulu isn’t ready to go because Javier claims to have info on Luke.  Dante’s afraid that if Lulu crosses Javier, t he’ll kill her, but Lulu is sure she can make this work with his help.  She wants him to hide in the closet, and she’ll get Javier to tell her about Luke before she has to sleep with him.  Dante thinks it’s a terrible idea, but can’t talk her out of it.  

Kristina goes to Sonny and asks if they can go on a trip to Manhattan together; take in some shows, and maybe a ballet.  Sonny’s all for it, but has business at the end of July, so he promises her they can go in August before she gets ready for PCU.  Kris asks for money to buy some clothes, and Sonny gives her some. 

Kristina runs into Ethan and brings up the Vegas trip. He tells her she’ll need better clothes to look older and she says she got money from her father for it.  She figures they can go at the end of the month when Sonny’s distracted by his business.  Kris knows she can spin a story for Alexis, and asks if Ethan can get her a fake ID.

Unable to reach Alexis, Jax has Brenda come down to the PCPD for help.  She assures Ronnie there’s no way Jax would do anything like that, but Ronnie says prescription drugs, cocaine and ecstasy were found in Jax’s room. Also, fellow guests complained of hearing fighting.  Jax says he knows Ronnie’s not on Sonny’s payroll and begs again for help, reiterating that Sonny is out to destroy him.  Ronnie says there’s no evidence pointing at Sonny, only at Jax.

Jax pleads with Brenda to believe that he would never attack a woman or do drugs. Brenda believes him.  He wants her to get Sonny to confess and she promises to fix it. 

When Jason gets to Carly’s, she explains about Morgan and Josslyn and worries that Jax will use this against her when he finds out.  Jason says he’ll start looking and tells her not to imagine the worst.

Morgan wonders if they brought enough of Joss' anti-rejection meds and Molly promises to take her right back is something goes wrong.    Molly sends Carly an email, via Anthony’s email address.  Later on, they read to Josslyn and promise she’ll go home soon.  Josslyn begins to cry. 

Carly’s surprised to receive an email from A. Zacchara, until it reads like a twelve year old wrote it.  She and Jason quickly realize that Morgan, and likely Molly, have taken Josslyn to get CarJax back together.

Brenda returns home and confronts Sonny, asking if he lied to her and framed Jax.  Sonny says Jax deserved it. 

When Dante arrives at bordello, Javier has a couple of men grab him.  Dante says he’s a cop and they’ll be in trouble if they kill him.  The men rough up Dante, while Javier goes up to the room to wait for Lulu.  When she arrives, she asks for the information, but he tells her he wants to sleep with her first, and they begin to makeout.  What a horrible Friday cliffhanger!