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B&B's Brad Bell Dishes Feuds, Fall Previews And HD With TV Guide

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Revenge, romance, and family feuds? Just another day in the lives of the Forrester, Logan, Spencer and Marone clans on The Bold and The Beautiful . Showrunner Brad Bell gives TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan the skinny on what's coming up this fall, including high definition broadcasts, beginning September 7!

Look for Taylor (Hunter Tylo) — still pissed off that she was dumped at the altar — to find herself in a new and major position of power. "She's going to emerge as a real player in the Forrester family," says Bell. "She's sick of being a loser and is ready to put up a fight for herself and her children. Stephanie [Susan Flannery] made a critical error when she promised 25 percent of Forrester Creations to Thomas [Adam Gregory] and she wants to take it back. Only Thomas doesn't want to give it back. This is an inheritance that was supposed to go to Thorne [Winsor Harmon] and Felicia [Lesli Kay] and it's going to spark a huge feud within the family. There are a lot of characters on this show who have been getting the short end of the stick and they are determined to see that change."

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