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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie and Jason aren’t able to find the ring and Maxie thinks Jason should wait to propose until her gets another. 

Sam tells Alexis that Jason will likely be proposing and wonders how her mother feels about that.  Alexis admits to misgivings about Jason’s line of work and fears the danger.  Sam assures her mother that she feels safe with Jason, that they accept each other for who they are and that Jason is her best friend.  Alexis, ultimately wants her daughter to be happy and gives her blessing.  When Kristina gets home, she’s happy to hear the news. 

Jax finds Michael and Morgan at Carly’s and lets them know he’s going out of town and wants to say goodbye to Josslyn.  He apologizes to the boys for how things turned out and tells Morgan he enjoyed watching him grow up.  He asks Michael and Morgan to take of both Josslyn and Carly for him. 

Carly angrily tells Brenda that she promised to stand by Sonny before she leaves them.  Brenda reminds Sonny that she told him Carly would destroy him.  Sonny asks if she came back to say goodbye.  Brenda wants him to apologize for what he did to Jax and that it was a mistake.  Sonny refuses, saying she’s finally seeing him for who he really is. 

Sonny wonders if Brenda would stay if he told her he’d give up the business, move to California with her and that he would commute back and forth to see his kids.  Brenda’s all for that, but he says it won’t happen because his power base is here, and he’s not giving it up.  Sonny says he wants power, he understands it and wants to keep it.  Brenda wonders if it means more than love, and Sonny says love doesn’t last and he can’t give her what she needs.  Sonny claims he knew it wouldn’t last.  Brenda wants him to be the man that she carried in her heart all those years, but Sonny says that man never existed.  Brenda has decided she needs to protect her son.  She takes off her rings and gives them to Sonny, who swears he’ll always love her.  Brenda leaves and Sonny cries.

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Carly finds Sonny, out on his balcony, stewing and doesn’t like seeing him like that.  She can’t believe Brenda actually left, but Sonny defends Brenda’s actions saying his life is too dangerous and that he’s not the man Brenda thought he was.  Carly doesn’t want him to wallow, and asks him over to spend time with the boys, Josslyn, Alexis and her girls, but Sonny feels it’s too soon to have to explain what happened.  Carly says she hates Brenda for hurting him, but Sonny feels things changed when she became a mother and that though he loves Brenda, he doesn’t regret helping Carly get Josslyn. 

Brenda lets Robin know that she and Alec are going to Rome, without Sonny.  Robin’s sad for her friend, but Brenda points out Sonny always puts Carly first and she needs to do what’s right for her son.  Robin promises to visit when she goes to Paris.  Brenda gives her a letter to give to Sonny.

Brenda goes to see Jax. He tells her he’s leaving and she explains that she’s left Sonny and is going to Rome.  Jax asks if he can play white knight one last time and help her out.  Jax takes Brenda and Alec on his private jet. The two talk about all the fun they’ll have in Rome. 

When Carly gets home, the boys explain that Jax was there to say goodbye.  Morgan wonders if she knew what Sonny was going to do to Jax, but she denies all knowledge.  Carly’s upset that Jax is leaving and swears she’ll always love him but is happy to have all her kids. 

Sonny makes a call and finds out that Brenda and Alec left on Jax’ plane.  He gives the order to get his own plane ready to go. 

Sam finds Jason on the roof.  Jason explains that Maxie helped.  Jason explains that sometimes, things are important to other people but that it’s easy to start taking advantage of a person and feels he’s done that to her.  He says he wanted to tell Jake that he loved him and that he was his father, but never had a chance.  He doesn’t want to take time or love for granted.  Jason tells Sam that he loves her and would be honoured to spend the rest of his life with her.  Jason proposes to Sam. 

Sam says she has something to say before she gives her answer.  She tells Jason he changed everything for her, but that when they got engaged the last time and then broke up, she fell apart.  She knows it’s different now and doesn’t need to be married because she’s already happy.  She doesn’t need the wedding or the ring or the dress, she just wants him.  Jason assures her she’s got him for the rest of her life. 

Sam says yes, she’ll marry Jason.  Jason tells her Maxie lost the ring but he has something for her anyway and pulls a metal nut out of his pocket and puts it on her finger.  Sam swears she has everything she wants.