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Kim Zimmer Dishes Walking Out on Oprah

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Kim’s Zimmer’sI’m Just Saying: Three Deaths, Seven Husbands and a Clone, My Life as a Daytime Diva is turning out to be the must read book of the summer and so are her interviews promoting it. TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with the One Life to Live and former Guiding Light star, who talked about her book and walking out on Oprah during a commerical break for The Oprah Winfrey Show.

TV Guide Magazine: I love the anecdote about how you got so mad at Oprah when you appeared on her show that you walked out during a commercial break — and then she came running after you and learned a big lesson about how not to treat her guests! Priceless.

Zimmer: Yeah, but I watched her last two or three episodes when she ended her show and it was like, "Oh, f--k! Now she's Jesus Christ!" And I'm claiming in the book that she learned something from me! I'm thinking, "Oh, man, her people are gonna come after me!"

Zimmer also didn’t mince words about the end of Guiding Light.

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TV Guide Magazine: On that subject, few would argue that Wheeler was a disastrous force who killed any hope GL had left, but do you really think there would have been a different outcome if P&G had hired somebody else? Wasn't the writing on the wall long before Wheeler came along? When P&G dropped its programming chief, Mickey Dwyer-Dobbin, and chose not to replace her, the company relinquished all power to CBS Daytime. Nobody fought for the P&G soaps like Mickey did and suddenly the shows had no defender. Wasn't that the beginning of the end?

Zimmer: I do think that was the case. P&G was ready to get out of the business and CBS didn't give a s--t about GL or As the World Turns. Still, that's no reason GL should have fallen apart the way it did at the end there. The fans will probably come after me with machetes for writing in the book that the show should have been cancelled two years sooner. We should have left the air with our heads held high when GL was still a strong and traditional soap opera. Because what we turned into — in my opinion — was s--t.

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