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RUMOR REPORT: Are Bree Williamson and Alicia Minshew Exiting OLTL and AMC Before They Move to The Web?

One Life to Live could soon be minus a Jess, Bess and a Tess. Now wouldn't that just be a mess? The new issue of Soap Opera Weekly has an item marked "RUMORVILLE" that states there's buzz Bree Willliamson could be leaving the role of Jessica Buchanan once OLTL ends its television run this January.


Meanwhile, my sources are telling me All My Children star Alicia Minshew (Kendall) is likely to exit the popular role of Kendall Hart Slater prior to AMC making the jump online.

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"Lish is leaving," says the setsider. "She's only staying until the end of the TV broadcast."

 Word is Minshew is antsy to get back to the East Coast full time. The beauty's husband, restauranteur Richie Herschenfeld, is based in New York and Minshew has reportedly grown weary of commuting.

"The hard fact is, the versions of All My Children and One Life to Live we will see online could look very different," says one veteran daytime executive.

Here's hoping Prospect Park steps up their game to get at least some familiar faces to stick it out with these beloved serials!

Editor's Note: SoapZone actually first reported that Bree Williamson was leaving OLTL early, prior to the rumor appearing in SOW.