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SPOILER ALERT: Which Primetime Soap Cliffhanger Could Be The Inspiration For All My Children's TV Finale?


(SPOILER ALERT!) Holy Denver Carrington, Batman! I'm hearing one of the most camptastic soap opera sequences in the genre's history just may be serving as inspiration for All My Children's September 23 ABC finale. While I won't spoil it entirely by revealing who's gonna do what to whom or where, I am hearing the finale could be reminiscent of Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre!

If you'll recall, the guests at Amanda Carrington's (Catherine Oxengberg) wedding to Prince Michael of Moldavia (Michael Praed) during Dynasty's 1985 season ender were all gunned down. Fans had to wait to until the Season 6 opener to learn who lived or died. The plot was partially crafted to give producers an option to continue the show sans the mega popular Alexis Carrington Colby character, as actress Joan Collins was reportedly in protracted contract negotiations at the time.

In the end, Collins re-upped with the sudser and Alexis and her shoulder pads survived. In fact, only Luke (Billy Campbell) the lover of Alexis' bisexual son Steven (Jack Coleman) and Lady Ashley (Love Story's Ali McGraw)—both minor characters—perished. As previously reported, I'm hearing Prospect Park wants to use the "Who Lives? Who Dies?" cliffhanger model to allow an explanation for why AMC may pick back up in January 2012 missing a few castmembers.

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 While the Moldavian Massacre ranks up there with the Dallas dream season (Which ironically, I hear ABC Daytime briefly also considered cribbing from to restart the series following Chuck Pratt's disastrous stint as head writer)  as one of primetime soap's most groan-worthy plots, it is notable that the storyline took Dynasty to No. 1 and 60 million viewers tuned in for the Season 6 premiere. Maybe Prospect Park is onto something? Watch the Moldavian Massacre from Dynasty after the jump!