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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante and Lulu manage to sneak onto the Cassadine Island in Greece find Helena.  The two discuss Aiden’s paternity and why Helena would have pulled that stunt.  Lulu wants Dante to apply to be personal security for Helena to get information on Luke.  Dante tells her once again that Luke doesn’t want to be found, but Lulu says she’s not giving up on her father until he says it to her face.  Dante agrees to do it, but makes her promise that once Luke is found, she will let it go.  Lulu reminds him to leave his badge behind this time.   

Matt’s complaining to Robin about all the new rules she’s implemented.  Then, Patrick complains to Robin about the same thing, but she’s adamant that the changes are for the better.  When Steve shows up, she tells him she’ll be implementing those changes down in the ER as well.  After she’s gone, Matt and Patrick complain to Steven that Robin’s is a nightmare as a boss.

Spinelli explains to Maxie how he was caught for loitering by the police because of his bakery stakeout.  Maxie tries to get him to use funky nicknames for people and the computer to bring the old Spinelli out.  Matt finds Maxie at the PI office and complains about Robin.  Spinelli tells them to find dirt on Robin and blackmail her into submission.  Maxie isn’t interested in that.  Matt wants Maxie to intercede with Robin, but Maxie thinks Robin’s doing a bang up job and has no intention of interfering. 

Mac is surprised to see Lucky back at work, since he’s supposed to be on indefinite leave.  Mac says he has a new case linked to organized crime, but is reluctant to give it to Lucky, since it involves large quantities of drugs being stolen from the hospital.   Lucky swears he can do the job and won’t let his personal life compromise his work.  Mac wants Dante on the case, but Lucky points out that no one knows when Dante will be back and he’s motivated to shut down the operation. 

Anthony brings flowers for Abby and compliments her.  Michael’s not happy that Anthony is at ELQ.  Anthony says he has money he wants to invest.  Tracy overhears and reminds him they aren’t interested.  Anthony swears it would be mutually beneficial and he would make it worth they’re while, but Tracy not having any of it.  He mentions a deal with Dracon Securities before Tracy tells Asher to escort him out.

Tracy’s angry with Michael, feeling that it’s his fault ELQ is now a mob magnet and wonders who told Anthony about the Dracon deal.  Abby steps in and defends Michael.  Michael tells Tracy to be nicer to Abby or maybe he’ll stay longer than the summer to piss her off.  Before she storms out, Tracy tells Michael to leave before he messes things up and breaks Edward’s heart.  Abby wonders who could have told Anthony about the Dracon deal.

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Asher is upset that Anthony pushed things by talking about the Dracon deal. He believes it will lead to Tracy figuring out the information came from him, but Anthony assures him that Tracy’s pointing the finger at Mabby.  He wants to take over ELQ, so he can use it as a front for his dirty money.  He promises that Asher can run it once he’s taken over. 

Lucky meets with Liz and tells her he’s back at work. He also informs her that his first assignment has to do with drugs.  She tells him he shouldn’t be involved and doesn’t want him to self-destruct like his father.  Lucky swears he’s fine and asks if she’s seen or heard anything while she was at work.  Liz asks about Siobhan’s feelings on the issue, and is surprised when she learns Lucky hasn’t told her yet.  Liz reminds him that she thought she was fine after Jake's death, and ignored the signs that she wasn't all right. Liz wants Lucky to promise her to walk away if he gets overwhelmed.  She also makes him promise to come to her if he must. 

Robin shows Patrick the new OR schedule, complete with color-coded information. He admits that she proved her point, and he wouldn’t have liked the minutiae of the job. However, Robin reminds him that it isn’t all about him, and she’s trying to improve the hospital. 

Liz runs into Steve at the hospital and they make small talk until Robin takes Liz aside. She tells her she’s short staffed and asks if Liz can return, at limited capacity, behind the desk only.  Liz is thrilled and thanks Robin for having faith in her.  Steve’s not happy with Robin’s decision, saying she’s thinking like a friend instead of an administrator. 

Matt gives Siobhan a clean bill of health.  She’s surprised to see Liz at work and wonders why Liz isn’t still suspended.  Matt tells Patrick to distract Robin, since she’s driving them all crazy.  Patrick brings Robin flowers and asks for a picnic in the park.  Robin feels she’s too busy, but Patrick insists she make the time. 

Maxie goes to Lucky and explains the situation with Spinelli and the bakery. Lucky promises to tell the guys to leave Spin alone.  Talk turns to Siobhan and Maxie knows Lucky can’t dump her so soon after her surgery. She's certain that he’s meant to go back to Liz. 

Maxie goes back to the PI office and tries again to get Spinelli to work on the computer, but he decides to head back out to the bakery for more surveillance, leaving her to answer his phones. 

Lucky makes a call, presumably to his former dealer.  Siobhan shows up to angrily inform him that Liz is back at work and whine that no one cares Liz tried to kill her.  She asks if she resurrects the lawsuit, does it mean will she lose Lucky. 

Lulu listens by phone when Dante meets with Helena, looking for a job, saying Luke referred him.  Helena wonders if he’s security or a spy.  Dante pours on the charm, and Helena goes for it.  She explains that his duties would include traveling with her, being perfect marksman and other additional services.  Dante wonders what those are, and she tells him to take off his shirt.  Helena pulls out a knife and ponders where the night will take them.