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B&B's Heather Tom Discusses Katie and Bill's Rocky Marriage

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Did insecurities about her marriage inspire The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katie to renew her vows with Bill (Don Diamont)? Her portrayer, Heather Tom, doesn’t think so.  In an interview with TV Guide, Tom discusses Bill’s betrayal.

TV Guide Magazine: She really doesn't see this betrayal coming? Let's back up a bit. Katie recently gathered family and friends for a surprise ceremony to renew her marriage vows — a surprise even to Bill. Like, who does that? Somewhere deep inside she must have known her marriage needed cementing.

Tom: I really don't think so! Up to this point, she's never had a reason not to trust Bill. He's never lied to her, as far as she knows. She knows there's a flirtation with Steffy and that it could be a problem, but I don't think she's suspicious of Bill in any way. She feels they've gone through a really hard time and come out on the other side. She thinks they can work through anything. [Laughs] But obviously she doesn't know what's really going on. The idea that Bill would cross the line with Steffy is totally foreign to Katie. She just doesn't believe it's possible.

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