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One Life to Live Spoilers: Original Todd Gets Help From John!


A tale of two Todd's, a movie premiere, and a vengeful man wreak havoc on Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of July 25.

Rex/Clint: Rex is going to decree that Clint force Dorian to drop all the charges against Echo. If Clint decides against Rex's wishes, Rex will sue Dorian for almost letting Clint die. Clint is going to accept Rex's demands, but will not like the anger he sees in his son. Later on at David's movie premiere, Rex will watch Tea and Blair with extreme anger. Everyone will be unaware that Rex will have a gun and is dead set on getting his revenge. Will Rex turn the premiere into a tragedy?

Starr/Baz: After Baz and Starr have a chat about their fathers, Baz will kiss Starr. Starr will freak out and go on about how she's dating James. Will Starr leave James for Baz?

James/Ford/Jessica: James will tell Ford to be careful about spending too much time with Jessica. Viki will also notice that things between Ford and Jess are not as hostile. Are Ford and Jessica falling in love?

Natalie/Brody: Brody will be successful in getting Vimal to keep Liam's true paternity a secret. Natalie and Brody are going to move in together, but it won't be at the Angel Square Hotel. How long will Brody be able to keep the truth a secret?

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David/Dorian: David will inform Dorian that Echo will get off for kidnapping. At the premiere of David's movie, "Vicker Man: The David Vickers Buchanan Story", Dorian is going to get into a fight with Ionia during she and David's interview with Blanca Morales. After the fight, the two will meet up with Markko. Markko will take the time to rub his success in Ford's face. It's time for the movie to begin, but the guests will not see “Vicker Man”. Somehow, the tapes were mixed up and "Hold the Diploma" starring Nate and Deanna in all their glory will begin. David, Dorian, and Markko will beg Rick to come back to David's movie. How will everyone react to seeing the porno instead of “Vicker Man”?

Dani/Nate/Rick: Dani is going to apologize to Nate for her behavior. Rick will inform Nate that he has something special for him. At the premiere, Nate is going to be shocked to see Rick there. Rick will switch the Vicker Man film with his own starring Nate and Deanna. When the film rolls, Dani will be absolutely flabbergasted to see what her boyfriend has been up to. Will Nate be able to talk his way out of this one?

Vivian/Destiny: Vivian is going to ask Destiny point blank if she's pregnant. Will Destiny answer truthfully?

Roxy/Vimal/Rama/Cristian: After Rama receives a job from Roxy; she will have a run in with Vimal's parents. She quickly makes up a story to satisfy their questions, but will feel bad for all the pain she has caused her husband. Cristian will visit Rama with an interesting idea of how she can get pregnant. A little later, Vimal and Rama will be forced to confess the truth about the pregnancy to Vimal's parents. How will Vimal's parents take the news?

Todd(s)/John/Tomas/Tea: Agent Baker and Todd are going to be in deep conversation, when Dorian interrupts them. Agent Baker will make Dorian think he's only there to discuss beefing up security around the mansion. He is going to get a call saying Original Todd is still alive and leaves. At the docks, Original Todd and John will have a face-to-face talk. Original Todd will ask for John's help in proving he is the real Todd Manning. When Original Todd tries to explain his story to John, the two will be suddenly shot at. All of John's questions about Original Todd are answered after the shooting, and he will agree to help him. John is going to take Original Todd to his room at the Angel Square Hotel. Soon after they arrive, Tea will show up at John's room. Original Todd will hide as Tea tells John that Tomas was a CIA operative. She will also inform him that Tomas was present when Todd was shot, but maintains that he was there to protect her husband. After Tea leaves, John will take a DNA sample from Original Todd and head out to get one from the man everyone else knows as Todd. John is going to force Original Todd to promise not to leave the room or talk to anyone before he leaves.

John will go to Todd’s office to get the DNA, but will find Todd himself there. John is going to make up a story to explain his presence and quickly leave. Meanwhile, Original Todd will decide to answer the phone and pretend to be John. Tomas will be on the other end of the line, and agree to meet John at the premiere. John returns and Original Todd will confess that he spoke with Tomas on the phone and agreed for John to meet him at the premiere.

On the red carpet, Todd and the whole family strut their stuff, while Original Todd will be watching them from the shadows. Before Original Todd can make it inside, Agent Baker will catch up with him. Agent Baker will attempt to kill Original Todd, but Original Todd will get the upper hand and take Baker's gun and tuxedo. At John and Tomas' meeting, Tomas will confess that he was involved with some bad people when he worked for the CIA, and Todd also had a part in everything. Back at the premiere, Blair will have on a pair of earrings that Todd gave her for their first wedding. Todd will not remember these earrings, but Original Todd will recognize them. Tomas will get the family together and try to them something important. What does Tomas have to say? 

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (July 25):

  • Viki and Original Todd finally meet.
  • John gets the results of the DNA test.
  • Rex has an out of this world experience.
  • Bo and Nora are unsure if they still want Clint to take the fall for Matthew.
  • Todd's family get the shock of their lives.