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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Diane Die For REAL?!


Adam/Sharon/Sam: The Newman black sheep decides to marry Sharon right before she heads to jail. Sharon is in for a shock when Adam leaves her standing at the altar. Sam finds out what happens and rips Adam a new one.

Tucker: The Rebel Billionaire stuns his ace Sofia with his plans.  Tucker surprises Jack and Lauren when he joins them on CBS Daytime's The Talk (Editor's Note: Maybe he could fill in for Sharon Osbourne?). Later, Tucker is left holding the bag when he goes to court.

Diane: Ms. Jenkins' attitude continues to distance herself from others. Diane and Phyllis go head-to-head once again. When Jack finds out all about what she's been up to he lights into her behind. Watch for Diane to be snuffed out and a "Who Dun It" murder mystery to take place.

Abby/Victoria: The Naked Heiress' new gig leaves big sister Vicky speechless. The two later celebrate.

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Victor: Mr. Moneybags is not amused when he learns Diane is suing Nikki. Diane's  tall tales promptly land Victor in the slammer.

Billy/Chloe: The fashionista is pissed at the Abbott playboy's visit with little Delia.

Adam: His board seat is snatched away.

Ronan: The FBI agent heads to Genoa City to solve a puzzling crime.