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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Siobhan screams at Lucky about Liz being back at work, thus not having to suffer any consequences for her actions. She feels she’s speaking up to possibly save the life of another patient. In response to Siobhan's tirade, Lucky mentions his new assignment.  Siobhan points out that he’s a former drug addict who’s had a crappy couple of months and shouldn’t be putting himself in a tempting situation.  Lucky’s not happy with her lack of faith in him and mentions that he asked Liz for help.  He swears he’s not planning on relapsing, but she doesn’t want him to tempt fate because she’s afraid she’ll lose him, either to the addiction or his ex wife.

Steven wants Liz to take more time off and maybe do some painting, but she points out that it’s only clerical work. She also brings up Lucky's new case and how he needs her there. She feels she’s taking a positive step and wants him to be happy for her.   Steve wants her to reconsider.

Robin tells Patrick that she can’t take time off during the day to go out and have a picnic, even though Patrick tells her that everyone needs to recharge their batteries sometimes.  Robin finally agrees until she sees Matt smirking in the corner and realizes that Patrick is simply trying to distract her from her duties. 

Helena’s not happy that Dante didn’t immediately rip off his shirt for her, but he says he has a non-fraternizing policy.  Helena wonders if it’s about him being faithful to his insipid girlfriend. She goes on to say his story was feeble and she recognized Officer Falconeri the minute he walked in.  Helena makes a comment about Luke turning into a drunk and Dante points out that she’s been doing her homework.  Helena says she’s been studying the Spencer's for years and knows they’re predictable. She has no doubt Lulu will show up any second to stake her claim.  Like clock work, Lulu makes herself known to get Helena away from Dante.

Helena points out that they’re trespassing on her property and she’s within her rights to shoot them, or at the very least set up some gun battle with her security.  Lulu demands to know where Luke's whereabouts.  Helena tells her that Luke has no desire to see his daughter.  Dante wonders if she’s even seen him, but Helena says she’s been in communication with him.  She talks about how men leave and Luke's eternal desire to be free.  Helena warns Lulu that Dante will eventually lie to her or stray. 

Dante tells Lulu not to fall for Helena’s lies, but Helena feels that time will make a liar out of someone and it won’t be her.  Lulu reiterates that she’s come to find her father.  Helena claims she’s meeting Luke in an hour about diamonds and Lulu is welcome to meet him in her place, but that she’ll likely regret it. 

Steve goes to Olivia and explains the situation with Liz. He feels Robin made a mistake.  Olivia points out that Robin is more competent than that, but Steven’s worried Liz will make another mistake because she’s so distracted with Lucky. 

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At the PI firm, Spinelli tells Maxie that he’s broken the bakery case, because he saw Johnny go in and come out with a suspicious package.  Johnny gets home and gives the package to his father.  It turns out it was his favorite cupcakes.  Johnny wonders why Anthony isn’t taking advantage of Sonny’s trip to do something, but Anthony’s busy setting up his plans.

Maxie beats Spinelli to Johnny’s and warns him about Spin. She asks Johnny to play along for everyone's sake.  When Spinelli gets there and sees Anthony with the box of cupcakes, he starts babbling about them being incriminating and Anthony humors him.  Johnny gets tired of playing the game and calls Maxie out of hiding. He tells Spinelli that Anthony is making a joke and it’s real cupcakes.    Maxie thanks Johnny for not hurting Spin, as they leave. 

Liz goes to the PCPD to let Lucky know that Siobhan saw her at the hospital.  Lucky understands Siobhan’s frustration, but Liz insists she’s fine and assures Lucky that she'll give the help he needs, no matter what Siobhan says. Lucky informs her he’s meeting his old dealer in hopes of following the drug trail.  Liz tells Lucky that she has faith in him. 

Siobhan meets with Ethan to complain about Lucky taking the drug case and Liz sniffing around again.  Ethan doesn’t understand her concern regarding Liz, but Siobhan insists that Liz and Lucky’s relationship was destructive and calls Liz a manipulator.  Ethan promises to talk to Lucky.

Steven goes to Robin and voices his concerns about Liz returning to work.  Robin says they’re short staffed and she needs Liz at the desk. 

Patrick takes Robin into one of the rooms, which has been set up, picnic style.  He tells her that she can take a break, but still be close if something comes up. He thinks they need some alone time together.

Siobhan finds Liz at the hospital and feels that Lucky could get in serious trouble with this case.  Liz wonders if Siobhan is worried that he’ll use again, but she believes Lucky will be fine.  Siobhan feels Lucky is too vulnerable to be near temptation, but Liz says she has faith in Lucky.  Liz's faith in Lucky causes Siobhan to become angry and begin screaming that Liz wants Lucky back on drugs so he’ll go back to her.  Liz snarks out her green card marriage, so Siobhan snarks out Liz’s divorce.  Liz says she and Lucky were in love, but Siobhan keeps on the attack saying Liz was so distracted by the paternity test; she let Jake walk out the door to his death.  Liz swears it wasn’t her fault, but Siobhan tells her to keep her phony emotions for Lucky.  After Siobhan storms off, Liz tries to continue to work, but tearfully remembers the night of Jake's accident.

Ethan meets with Lucky on the pier and offers him some drugs, but Lucky says he’s on a case.  Ethan says it’s a slippery slope and he’s there to stop Lucky, because he’s not strong enough to handle the investigation. Ethan knows that Lucky's head isn't in the right place for something like this, and believes Liz roped him in to doing the whole thing.  Lucky wonders how he even found out about the case, and that Liz was involved. 

Helena leaves Lante alone and Lulu insists on staying and meeting with her father. She swears she’ll leave if Luke doesn’t show up.  Dante says he’s going for a walk, but vows that he’ll always come back for her.  After he leaves, Helena confronts Lulu saying she’s either very brave or very stupid, but will end up being very sorry.