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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Siobhan watches Liz as she cries in the hallway.  When Liz goes into a supply closet, Siobhan follows and cackles at her not to have a breakdown.  Siobhan mentions that Lucky shouldn’t be on the drug case, but Liz points out that no one can stop Lucky from taking a case. Siobhan wonders if Liz actually wants to kill a patient, like she killed Jake.  Liz is shocked at the attack, but Siobhan continues, telling Liz to get professional help, unless she actually wants Lucky to come to her rescue.  When Liz denies that, Siobhan suggests that maybe Liz can haunt Lucky when she’s dead. 

Epiphany catches Scrubs making out in a hospital room, but allows them to carry on and leaves.  After they’re done, Patrick says he promised Robin a picnic and has gotten some hospital food for her.  If she can’t guess all the food choices, she has to reinstate him to the surgical rotation.  Robin agrees to the challenge.  Robin ends up winning the game, but admits to having prior knowledge of what food Patrick would serve her.  She tells him she wants to fix the problems that the hospital has and for everyone to be a team, including Patrick.

Molly shows Alexis a paper she found in some paperwork at Wyndemere.  Alexis tells her it was some of Stephan’s old papers, and their cook in Greece had written a note about something bad in the air.  Molly worries that it means something, but Alexis assures her it doesn’t.  When Molly heads back into the house, the wind blows the paper away. Alexis frantically grabs the paper before it gets away. 

Sam lets Jason know that she’s happy with her engagement “ring”.  Monica shows up to talk to Jason, informing him that she knows the truth about Jake.  She wonders how Jason could have let this happen.  Jason said they were trying to protect Jake.  Monica explains that Tracy spared Edward, but she wants answers.  She says she lost him to the accident, Michael to Carly and now Jake to Liz.  Jason says he did what he felt was right.

Monica gives Jason a picture of him as a child with a big wheel, and explains how much he loved it.  Jason reiterates that he thought Jake would be safe with Liz and Lucky.  Monica asks about Michael, and Jason assures her that he’s trying to bring Michael back into the fold.  Monica feels she’s lost so much already, but has talked enough for one day and leaves.  Sam joins Jason, and explains that her brother Danny had the same big wheel and loved it. Then, she admits that she was listening to Jason and his mother.  Liz shows up and tearfully throws herself into Jason’s arms, saying she didn’t know where else to go. 

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Liz sees Sam, and realizes she shouldn’t have come.  Sam says it’s okay and offers to get her a glass of water.  Liz tells Jason the guilt won’t stop and Siobhan accused her of killing Jake.  Jason assures her that it’s not her fault.  When Sam returns with the water, Liz sees the ring on her finger and Sam admits they’re engaged, something that seems to shock Liz.  Liz congratulates them and then apologizes for intruding, saying she should stop leaning on the men in her life, aka her kid’s fathers.  Sam tells her not to let others define who she is.  Sam goes on to say that she’s not responsible for Jake’s death and understands why Liz came to Jason. 

When Sam leaves the room, Liz admits to Jason that her words where helpful. Jason points out that it was better that she heard them from Sam than from him, since they have a connection.  Liz congratulates Jason on the engagement, and asks him to thank Sam, before she leaves.  Sam returns and asks if Jason is sorry that she blabbed about the engagement, but he says Liz needs to find herself again, something he can’t really do.  Sam asks him to take her for a motorcycle ride. 

Johnny’s warns someone on the phone to keep track of his business and his father, when Kristina shows up. They talk and she asks for a favor from him.  Soon after, Ethan pops up and Kris hides in the shadows. He informs Johnny that Lucky’s in charge of the drug investigation and not to go after him.  Kristina comes out of hiding and Ethan assumes she’s there to start up with Johnny to get back at him for the Abby lie.  Johnny says Kris came to ask him to fire Ethan.  Johnny sends them both home, but not before he warns Ethan to think about his feelings for Kris, since she’s already been honest about hers. 

Kristina tells Ethan that he cares about her, since he’s trying so hard to push her away. She informs him that she’s not going anywhere.  When she sways on her feet, he gets concerned, but she blows it off to the heat.

Helena brings up Laura, and Lulu claims her parents loved each other.  Helena says both her sons loved Laura and ended up dead because of it. Now, it’s time to even the score.  Since Helena’s caressing her dagger, Lulu grabs some wooden decoration as protection.  Helena points out that Lulu is not like her mother. Laura was the queen of adventure, but Lulu has no idea who she is or what she wants.  Lulu tells her the mind games won’t work.  Helena goes into Laura’s history, bringing up how she stabbed Stavros, but he dragged her upstairs and they conceived Nikolas.  Lulu’s not interested in the story, but Helena reminds her that she lost two children and wants the Spencer's to suffer the loss of their father.   

Lulu says Helena only wants to control Luke, but Helena just wants to liberate him from his family ties. She hints at Lulu that gratitude has more sway than control.  Dante returns from his stroll around the grounds and Helena encourages them to stay until Luke arrives and rejects Lulu.  Dante mentions going back to the cave to get their stuff, but Lulu wants to stay, so Dante heads out without her.  When Lulu hears a noise behind her, she turns expecting to see Dante, but instead, it’s Nikolas.  . 

Siobhan goes to Lucky to plead her case again.  He wonders why she told Ethan anything and asks whose recovery she’s trying to derail, his or Liz’s.  Lucky says Siobhan’s undermining his investigation and trashing Liz because she’s jealous of Liz, who believes in him.  Siobhan claims she understands his devastating loss, but thinks there’s a better way to deal with it besides investigating drugs. She believes Liz is only enabling him.  Siobhan feels Lucky’s headed for an ugly crash. 

Lucky meets with his dealer, who readily gives him the drugs that he wants and informs him there’s more if he needs them.

Back at the hospital, Liz heads up to the roof where Siobhan follows her.  Liz says she wants to be alone, and has heard enough from Siobhan.  Siobhan points out that it’s a long way down and if one of them were to fall over, no one would believe it to be an accident.