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Prospect Park is Talking to Unions Re: ABC Soaps Moving Online

Prospect Park issued a press release updating the media and fans on what the production company is up to in regards to taking All My Children and One Life to Live online. According to the release, PP is busy chatting with the unions that represent daytime sudsers before going to the actors.


"The love and support for ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE is truly amazing. Since we announced our intention to work with the shows, the fan outreach we've experienced over the past few weeks further validates our decision to work to keep them going for years to come. However we also respect the organizations and processes that are in place so that all can apply their craft within the infrastructure that the entertainment industry has set, specifically in this case with the appropriate guilds and unions. We are in the process of working out the essential terms of our proposed collective bargaining agreements with the appropriate guilds and unions, which we must do prior to firming up deals with above-and below-the-line talent. We will provide updates as needed."

Other websites are now reporting what I broke days ago, All My Children and One Life to Live likely won't premiere online until the beginning of 2012. You know where to come when you want to get the news fresh, hot and three days prior to the press release!

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