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Showbiz 411 "Exclusively" Breaks News About Prospect Park Taking General Hospital Online, Even Though I Broke it Last Friday


Entertainment industry website Showbizz 411 has an "exclusive" on something I broke last week.  According to Showbiz 411, they can now "exclusively" confirm that Prospect Park will be taking General Hospital online when it ends its run on ABC Daytime, likely next year. Is anyone else getting a bit of Deja Scoop? Here's what I reported this past Friday, July 22.

Scuttlebutt is growing that fans of ABC Daytime soap operas are in for quite the season of change as not two, but likely all three Mouse House sudsers begin to transition to web series over the next year and a half. I'm hearing from multiple sources that General Hospital, the only daytime soap set to continue on ABC beyond January 2012, is part of the licensing pact that production company Prospect Park signed with ABC.

"Prospect Park has a deal in place that gives them the same rights to General Hospital that they have with All My Children and One Life to Live, once GH ends its run on television," says a source.

While ABC has maintained they have no plans to cancel General Hospital, with Katie Couric's talk show slated for next fall, the network's daytime lineup losing an hour to affiliates to facilitate said debut and ABC planning to premiere The Chew and The Revolution in September and January respectively, GH doesn't have a confirmed timeslot post September 2012. All of which has been previously reported.

"Even if one of the new shows ABC is premiering fails, everyone knows this is General Hospital's last year," an insider states. "The moment ABC cancels GH, Prospect Park's rights to broadcast the show for 10 years kicks in, just like with the other two shows."

Okay, now here's what Showbiz 411 reported today, July 26 on the subject:

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I am told by sources inside that “All My Children” will not be going directly from TV to the web on Monday, September 29th. “The goal is to be on the web in the first quarter of 2012,” says a source. So “AMC” really will have a finale on September 26th. Ditto “One Life to Live,” which will end its run on January 20, 2012 but not reappear the following Monday on the web. Also, I can tell you exclusively that Prospect Park is preparing to take “General Hospital” from ABC when that run ends, probably in a year.

Uh...ain't that what I said? I mean how is this day late and dollar short info. an "exclusive"? Much like my report, which cited anonymous sources, no one at ABC or Prospect Park went on the record to Showbiz 411, so with all due respect, how can they fix their laptop's keyboard to type out they got this as an exclusive?

I mean, let's cut the bull ish. Daytime Confidential ain't brand new. People in the game most definitely know who we are—and if they don't they should— considering we break about 90 percent of everything that happens in daytime, so why not link and give credit where credit is due? We certainly do that. I even link people I don't like if they break something dead to rights!

 We've linked numerous Showbiz 411 articles, although we probably won't be doing that anymore. We also linked the New York Post piece that actually broke the Prospect Park news. Anyhoo, as my girl said on that episode of The Cosby Show, "If truth shall be my companion in the FLAMES, so be it!"