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All My Children Returnee Julia Barr on Keeping Soaps Popular: "It's Like a Garden That Needs to be Tended"

Uber fan fave Julia Barr and her iconic Brooke English will be back in Pine Valley before we know it on All My Children. We Love Soapscaught up with the star to dish about her return for AMC's TV send off. Check out what she had to say about how soaps can remain viable:


SOAPS TV: Whenever I talk to the actors on the show or the fans, there seems to be a lot of agreement about what works and doesn't work.

Julia Barr: The networks began to panic when there began to be a noticeable audience dropoff which they attributed to O.J. Simpson. There was so much drama going on in that real environment. Some people stopped watching and when you break a habit like that, it's hard to get people back.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: It definitely is if they tune in and don't see faces that seem familiar.

Julia Barr: Dare I wax poetic, it's like a garden that needs to be tended. It requires a great deal of care and interest on a lot of levels. I think that was abandoned. It began to be thought of like, "well, that doesn't matter" for this or that character. They found out it mattered a lot.

I sure hope Brooke and Erica (Susan Lucci) have one last televised tangle!

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