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Anna Holbrook and Agim Kaba Guest in The Best Installment of Far From The Bay This Summer

Now here's a Far From The Bay installment I can get crazy excited about! Another World veteran Anna Holbrook, alongside As The World Turns hunk Agim Kaba guest star as the relatives of Peter Garrett's (Kristos Andrews) adoptive mother Claire (Marie Wilson). Check out the amazing chemistry between relatively new actor Andrews and these soap vets. Boy is going places!


All summer long, we've followed an amnesiac Peter's journey, bumping into familar faces from other web series and sudsers, and while that's all been cute, I have to admit that I'm ready for Peter to head back to The Bay, so the show can pick up with some of those juicy stories featuring Days of Our Lives legend Mary Beth Evans as Sara Garrett and her deliciously dysfunctional children— that's the small, interwoven story I fell in love with.

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I still need to know whatever happened to the Carl Hutchins lookalike dude who was blackmailing the eldest Garrett son Brian (Dylan Bruce)? What about Marly's (Martha Madison) explosive relationship with Sara, or her marriage? These are questions I am hoping will be answered in Season 2 of The Bay.

The Bay creator Gregori Martin is definitely one of my webisoap heroes. Seriously, the man works harder than anyone else in the game, but I am itching to see him tighten his narrative, focus on fewer characters and guest stars, less exposition about the past and really make things pop off for the sudsy, addictive Garretts in the present day. I have total faith that he can accomplish this!

Until the next season of The Bay, however, it looks like the last few installments of Far From The Bay are finally about to set it off. Check the latest webisode after the jump!