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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Jax is talking on the phone with Brenda, letting her know how much he misses his daughter.  He has a picture of him, Joss and Carly and angrily breaks the frame while looking at it.  In the end, he makes a call to have his jet fuelled, grabs his bag, and the picture of him and Josslyn, with Carly cut out, and leaves.

Carly’s reading to Josslyn, when Shawn shows up at her door.  He hadn’t heard the results of the custody case and Carly explains that she got full custody, because Jax was found with drugs in his system. It doesn't take Shawn long to realize Sonny had a hand in it.  Carly swears she didn’t want Jax to suffer that way, but she was going to lose custody.  The two make small talk about his time in Afghanistan and how he’s still trying to deal with it all.  Shawn says he’s gotten a job in DC, so the purpose of his visit was to say goodbye.  She assures him she’s okay, although she’s worried that Jax isn’t.  Shawn leaves, warning that there’s a big storm brewing. 

Lulu thinks Nikolas came to see her, but she's wrong. (Why would she think that, considering she and Dante snuck onto the island?  How would Nik even know she was there? Not the smartest Spencer that one.)  Nik says he’s there to see Helena, who’s thrilled to see her grandson and wonders if he brought the kids with him.  Nik says Aiden is with his parents, and is sure Helena changed the tests. However, Helena warns him not to believe Liz’s claims.  Nik warns her to leave Aiden alone.  Helena is still happy that Nikolas is home, but he claims it was never his home, because his father was a monster and she used him as a pawn in sick games.  Helena denies that, but Nikolas says he was raised to hate the Spencer's.

Helena brings up Luke’s love for Lucky and not Lulu. She says it’s natural to love the first-born son more and points out how Stavros was the chosen one and Stefan the disappointment. She thinks there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy family competition.  Nikolas says she dropped him in the middle of the Spencer's, hoping the hostility would keep the Spencer/Cassadine war going, but he doesn’t want anything to do with the feud or his family.  Helena tells him to embrace the family blood from Mikkos and Stavros pumping through his veins. 

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Nikolas says the Cassadine house was always cold, but the minute he met his mother and felt her warmth, he realized why Stavros wanted her back.  Helena says she freed Luke from the suburban life that kept him in a cage.  Lulu says Helena just wants Luke to self-destruct with her.  Nikolas admits Luke and Helena relationship is sick and wonders if Helena’s plan was always to hurt him.  Helena swears she never hurt Nik, but he points out the situation with Aiden.  Helena reminds him that Stefan was weak and warns Nik not to be like his father. 

After Helena leaves, Lulu says she heard from Lucky about Aiden and Nikolas leaving.  He apologizes for not saying goodbye.  She tells him running away isn’t a good idea and uses her father as an example.  Nik says he’s trying to do right by Aiden.  Lulu wonders if Nik still believes he’s the father, but he says that Lucky needs to believe that he is. 

Lucky gets home from his meeting on the pier, and spends the rest of the episode staring longingly at his bottle of pills. 

Siobhan accuses Liz of trying to steal Lucky back, despite Liz’s denials. She once again brings up Jake’s name in her attacks.  She wonders what was going through Liz’s heads when she administered the wrong medication.  Liz swears again that it was a mistake and asks Siobhan why would she risk her life with her boys just to kill her.  Siobhan wonders if Liz cares at all about Lucky. She knows he’s a decent man and believes Liz is turning a blind eye to the inevitable trouble Lucky will find himself in.

Liz points out that Siobhan never experienced Lucky on drugs, but she did. She knows the strong hold the pills had on him and wonders why Siobhan thinks it would be so easy for Lucky to fall for them again.  Liz says she understands Lush’s relationship, because Lucky loves to save people.  Siobhan tells her to pull herself together, or they’ll both lose Lucky. 

Steve shows up at Olivia’s.  They make small talk about some girl he had the hots for back in the day.  Olivia's air conditioner breaks down and she takes it apart and fixes it, which impresses him.  They start making out. 

Monica asks Liz about Steve’s whereabouts and mentions that she knows the truth about Jake.  Liz apologizes, but Monica wishes she had gotten to know her grandson. She brings up the fact that Jason is her only surviving child, and believes Liz would want to know something like that if the shoe was on the other foot.  Liz says she wishes Monica had been able to get to know Jake, but that everyone felt he’d be safer as Lucky’s son.   Monica points out that she’ll only know him now through memories, but warns Liz not to let Jake’s death break her. 

Siobhan’s surprised to find Lucky at home, but he snarks that maybe she was afraid he’d be out getting high somewhere.  She apologizes for overstepping her bounds and telling Ethan, but thinks he didn’t have to take the case.  Lucky insists that he did, and she wonders if it was to prove that he’s better than his father.  Lucky tells her to stop treating him like a junkie, because he plans to stay clean.  When he leaves, Siobhan clutches her head in pain again.