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TVLine Dreamcasts One Life to Live Divas in Primetime Gigs

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We all know Prospect Park has spared One Life To Live and sister show All My Children from certain soap death, but with all the negotiations going on with the unions, and actors being released from their contracts at the end of the shows broadcast runs, it make you wonder who will stay on or who will go to greener pastures? TV Line'sMegan Masters thinks OLTL'sGina Tognoini (who as previously reported is leaving the sudser early) should reunite with her former co-starNathan Fillion on Castle.


What could possibly be better than a reunion between OLTL fan faves Tognoni and Nathan Fillion? It's true that Castle's star-crossed crime-solvers, Rick and Kate (played by Stana Katic), already have a few too many obstacles standing in the way of their eventual romance -- so why not throw Tognoni in the mix for good measure? She doesn't have to disrupt their fun forever, but the chemistry with Fillion is there, so let's have at it!

I can dig it...To find out where Masters feels Erika Slezak should head to click here!

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