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Fancast's Sara Bibel on E!'s Dirty Soap: "This is The Type of Show That SOAPnet Should Have Been Airing"


Fancast blogger Sara Bibel made a very astute point in her report on E!'s upcoming soap-themed reality seriesDirty Soap. This is the sort of vehicle that would have been perfect for Disney's SOAPnet! Says Bibel:

This blurb from E!’s press release makes me excited about the show:

The “soap bubble” is a small and intimate world and this cast of characters has played extremely significant roles in each others lives for years. They’ve been co-stars, best friends, worst enemies, boyfriends, girlfriends, and everything in between. Working together on set and spending time with each other in their down-time, they have formed substantial bonds and created a pseudo “soap family.

That’s an accurate description of daytime, behind the scenes. If this show nails it, it will be a must-see. The timing could not be better. The show will premiere two days after AMC’s ABC finale, when the mainstream media will be paying attention to soap operas, and one day before Sam marries Jason (Steve Burton) on GH.

This is the type of show that SoapNET should have been airing, along with original and international soaps. The Disney branding machine should have been working as hard for its soap stars as it does for the tweens that appear on Disney Channel shows. But I am glad it is airing on reality powerhouse E! so that viewers who are not already soap fans will get to know the actors and, hopefully, be inspired to check out GH, DOOL and OLTL to see them at work.

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Bibel is absolutely right. This kind of project would have been perfect for SOAPnet, if only Brian Frons hadn't reportedly rejected project after project associated with daytime dramas, in his effort to rebrand the network and redefine what "soap opera" meant. Oh well. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Read the rest of Bibel's latest column here.