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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael lets himself into Sonny’s office and listens to his messages in hopes of finding his father's whereabouts.  Abby finds him there and is not happy to see him looking so comfortable in mob surroundings, but he explains that Brenda left Sonny, so Sonny took off.  Abby assures him that Sonny will be back when he’s ready and believes Michael should just let Jason handle the business.  Michael wonders if she’s worried he’ll go into the mob and questions whether she’s happy at ELQ.  Abby reminds him that her previous job entailed dancing half naked on a pole, so of course she’s happy now.

Michael explains that when he came out of the coma, he and Kristina went to Mexico and it’s the one place he felt free.  Abby turns on some music and wants to dance, but Michael says no. When she insists, he gets angry and yells at her.  Michael apologizes for overreacting, saying dancing is her thing and he likes to watch, but it’s not who he is.  She hugs him, as he looks longingly at his father’s office.

Sam and Jason are making small talk about their marriage and the adjustments they’ll need to make, when Alexis pays them a post engagement visit.  She gives Jason a hug and looks for Sam’s ring, only to be surprised by it.  Sam goes over the details of the proposal, until Alexis asks for a word with Jason. Sam leaves the two alone to get Alexis a drink.

Alexis tells Jason that she’s changed her mind and thinks marrying Sam is not a good idea.  Jason reminds her that she’s already given her blessing, but Alexis wonders why they would wreck what they have, since they’re unconventional people.  When Alexis starts to hyperventilate, Sam tells Jason to leave, so she can talk to her mother.  

Sam understands her mother's concerns and Alexis is worried she'll make the same mistakes she did.  Sam tells her mother to open herself to possibilities.  After Alexis leaves, Sam assures Jason that her mother will come around.  Jason asks if she thinks things will change once they're married and Sam agrees that it will.

Maxie somehow convinces Spinelli to help her look for Sam’s ring in the sewer system, despite his apathy for all things marriage.  She waxes poetic about the man who once loved her, but Spin points out that he clearly didn’t love her enough since she’s not currently married to him. 

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Maxie claims they loved each other, and explains their history.  She yells at him that he’s supposed to call her Maximista and for a brief moment he gets a strange look on his face. She wonders if he’s back to normal, but he’s found cupcake icing on the walls and figures that the contraband cupcakes are being passed through the sewer tunnels.  Maxie eventually plays with Spin's computer and is happy when the gates come down and lock them in.  She clearly hopes that's what it will take to remind Jackal PI of his former life.

Nikolas feels he’s a true Cassadine, molded in their image, but Lulu tells him not to let that define him.  Nik is more concerned about what’s in his heart. Lulu assures him that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his family, including saving her life.  Nikolas is more upset about how everyone is so concerned for Lucky.  He continues by remembering the first time he came to town and how he felt like an inconvenience, despite Laura’s love for him. He wonders why no one cared about his happiness.  He begged for acceptance, but was expected to give up Aiden, so Lucky could be happy. 

Lulu reminds him that he chose to walk away, and wanted Lucky to heal and move on.  Nik wants to move on without the Cassadine's, or the Spencer's.  He no longer cares what people think of him or the things he does. Nik accuses Lulu of seeking approval, and she wonders if he knows where Luke is.  Nikolas tells her to leave the island and never come back. 

Lulu wonders why he’s going on in such a manner. Nikolas tells her he's tired of not having his needs met, especially when everyone else gets what they want except him.  Lulu points out that things would have been worse if he’d grown up in a house with Helena.  When Nik offers her a drink, she brings up the fact that it’s the same brand Luke drinks. 

Tracy stops by Jake’s for a drink and gets hit on by Coleman and Anthony.  Tracy complains about the drink Coleman made her, so Anthony offers to make one.  Coleman tells him he’s not allowed to come behind the bar, but Anthony points out that the bar is very flammable, so Coleman backs off.  Tracy wonders what it is about men and their need to set things on fire.  Anthony makes her a drink and she claims it’s passable.  Anthony lets her know that he’s aware of Luke’s drinking and that Lila kept roses.  He says he wants to do business with her, but Tracy doesn't want his money laundering in her business.  Anthony assures her that he has no interest in returning to prison and is an honest man now. Tracy will hear none of Anthony's words and storms off. 

Helena meets with Luke (although we only see his hand) about the diamonds and cackles about double-crossing Javier.  She tells him he has an interesting visitor. 

Lulu tells Nikolas about Luke and Helena working on a diamond heist.  Nik asks who joined Lulu on her trip. She tells him that it's Dante and Nik goes off. He thinks she dragged Dante around the world to join her insanity, and he could have died at Helena's hand because of her.  Nik wonders if that would have made a difference to Lulu, or if she would have simply covered Dante's body with flowers and continued her search for Luke.  Nikolas feels the only thing Lulu cares about is being a hero. 

When Dante finally returns, Nik excuses himself.  Lulu tells Dante she needs to grow up and is ready to leave.  Lulu understands now that she can't save anyone and apologizes for dragging Dante into the mess.

Helena points out to Nikolas that he's the spitting image of his father and wants him to stay.  Nikolas assures her that he's not Stavros or anyone else in the family. He tells Helena that no one should bet on what he does next.  He gives his grandmother a kiss on the cheek and leaves.  Once he's gone, Helena makes a mysterious call to someone informing them that the Spencer's are vulnerable.