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More Necromancy Please: Kim Delaney Wants to Come Back to All My Children Too!


By the time All My Children ends its network television run on Sept. 23, there will be more not-quite-dead people and/or ghosts roaming around than on Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Torchwood: Miracle Day combined. The latest former Pine Valley denizen to make noise about wanting to come back is Army WivesKim Delaney, whose beloved heroine Jenny Gardner Nelsonblew up on a jet ski over two and a half decades ago.

Delaney told ABC Soaps In Depth she'd love to reprise the role, that is if Lifetime—which Delaney says prevented her from attending the recent Daytime Emmys—would let her!

 "I'm going to work on it," she insists. "It's a good idea. And there's still time. I should call [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon."

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Oh come on Lifetime! If Michael Bay doesn't have issues with Josh Duhamel heading back to Center City's neighboring 'burg as Leo, you guys can let Opal's (Jill Larson) beloved Jenny come home. Heck, the more dead people in Pine Valley, the merrier! Watch a clip of Jenny blowing up on that jet ski below.

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