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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz catches an orderly trying to get into the drug closet, but he swears he’s new on the job and simply got turned around.  Epiphany clears things up for the orderly and tells Liz to mind her business, which is desk duty.  Liz thinks Pif is just annoyed at Robin’s new system, but Epiphany tells her to keep her personal issues at home.  A different man breaks into the drug closet, while no one is looking. 

Anthony meets with JT, Lucky’s dealer and wonders if there’s any progress with Lucky. He wants to know if Lucky looked like he was jonesing for the drugs or simply collecting evidence.  JT assures him that Lucky will be calling soon for a refill.  Anthony tells him that if Lucky is setting him up, JT will have to do something about it. JT informs Anthony he has no plans to kill a cop. Anthony suggests that there’s more than one way to waste a cop. 

Carly and Josslyn run into Patrick and Emma at Kelly’s, and the four decide to share breakfast while discussing what happened with Jax.  Patrick feels he would have done the same, because Jax was only trying to protect his daughter. He wonders about Sonny and the drugs, but Carly feels Jax backed her into a corner. 

Robin walks into Kelly’s, just as Carly is eating a bite of pancake off of Patrick’s fork. Needless to say, this sight doesn't please Robin.  Patrick leaves to take the two girls to the park, and Robin goes off on Carly, wondering if she’s proud of what she did to Jax.  Carly claims she didn’t do anything to Jax, but Robin feels that Sonny wouldn’t have come up with the drug idea on his own.  She believes the plan stemmed from Carly's influence. Robin feels Brenda made Sonny a better man, and now thanks to Carly, Brenda is gone.  She blames Carly for destroying BrenSon's marriage and wonders if Carly is finally happy.  Carly says Brenda chose to run rather than fight for her marriage.

When Patrick returns with the girls, Carly takes Josslyn and thanks Patrick for not judging her, before she leaves.  Robin complains that Carly was hitting on him, but he says he took Jax's side. Patrick wonders if Robin is jealous of seeing him with Carly.  Robin reminds him she still needs to collect on her bet.

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Siobhan catches Lucky going through her purse and questions him about it. They end up in a huge argument about whether Lucky was attempting to steal money from her to score more drugs.  He finally tells her the truth; he got her a debit card in the name of Siobhan Spencer and wanted to surprise her with it.  Siobhan questions him again about his reason for taking on this case and Lucky wonders if she’s lost all faith in him.  Siobhan feels he’s exhibiting all the signs of someone who’s an addict.

Siobhan reminds him that right after Jake died, Lucky told her he wanted to use again and wonders how long it will be before the drugs become his salvation.  Lucky asks why she’s still with him if she feels this way. Siobhan replies by reminding Lucky that he said he wanted to be with her, and she believed him.  Liz calls to have Lucky to meet her at the hospital, so he takes off.

Tracy finds herself alone in a massage room with Anthony and accuses him of stalking her.  Anthony says he wants to get to know her better.  Tracy says she’ll sue the Metro Court for allowing a known criminal on the premises and inform his parole officer of his behavior. However, Anthony tells her he doesn’t have one, since he got an outright release.  Tracy reiterates that doesn’t want his dirty money, only wants to get away.  Anthony points out that the door isn’t locked, so she leaves.  He calls a woman and asks for information. 

A disheveled Sonny is sitting on the stoop of some rundown house, possibly in Bensonhurst.  There’s a for sale sign on the door, and he eventually rips it off the door, before going inside.  When he comes back out, he’s dressed differently and angrily clutches Brenda’s wedding rings in his palm.    I have no idea what that was about.

Liz tells Lucky about the orderly trying to get into the drug closet and her confrontation with him.  Lucky’s concerned that the guy might go after her and doesn’t want her to put herself at risk.  He says he can’t afford to lose someone else he cares about.  Liz feels there will always be an empty spot where Jake was.  The two hug as Siobhan watches. 

Lucky tells her never to apologize for missing their son and Liz says she wants to support him too.  He confides in Liz that he won’t fall for temptation again, even though it snuck up on him the last time. He may moments of weakness, but he won’t give in to the addiction.  Liz is sure he won’t slip up and will be the one to break the case. 

Carly leaves a message for Jason wondering about Sonny's whereabouts. Unbeknownst to Carly and Josslyn, someone is following them. Carly shows up at the hospital, looking for a prescription for Josslyn.  While talking to Liz, she leaves another message for Jason.  Liz tells her that Jason is probably just spending quality time with his fiancée, Sam.  Carly is shocked at the news. 

Siobhan gets home and has another headache.  Suddenly, she gets a nosebleed.

Lucky leaves a message for Siobhan, apologizing and telling her he’s glad she stayed because he does want to find out what they have together.  JT shows up, finds Lucky’s bottle of pills and wonders why Lucky hasn’t taken any.  He tells Lucky to take one now, in front of him, but Lucky says he’s on duty and has to be careful.  Out of nowhere, two thugs show up and hold Lucky down, while JT injects him with drugs.