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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky wonders what JT gave him and his reasons for doing it. JT explains that he's upset that Lucky was just using him for information and didn’t actually want the drugs.  Lucky hallucinates about Ethan, Maxie, Jake and Siobhan, who splits into Liz. 

Maxie and Spinelli spend the night locked in the sewer system. Maxie's anger that Spinelli's memory continues to be lost grows. She tries to use the computer, but it dies.  A very unhelpful Jackal PI continues to throw insults her way.  Eventually, the grates are lifted and Maxie finds Sam’s ring. The duo makes their escape. 

Sam’s teasing Jason about having an engagement party, when Carly shows up and sarcastically offers her congratulations to the couple.  Sam points out that they aren’t hiding the fact that they’re engaged, but Carly’s mad that she heard it from Liz, which has her coming in second, or third. The look on Sam’s face makes Carly wonder who else knows.  Sam cheerfully gives her the list; while Jason assures Carly that this isn’t a competition. 

Carly asks for time alone with Jason, but he says what she has to say can be said in front of Sam.  Carly wonders if that’s how it's going to be from now on. Carly says he’s her best friend and Jason assures her that won’t change.  Sam says there will be changes once they’re married, but that she knows how much Jason means to Carly.  Sam accuses Carly of not thinking JaSam would ever get married, but reiterates that they are. She feels Carly needs to rethink her boundaries.  Carly snarks that she’ll use a password next time she shows up at the penthouse.  Jason asks her to show consideration for the two of them, and to respect them like he respects her. 

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Carly says she’s want Jason to be happy, but won’t say she’s happy about this.  Jason reminds her this isn’t his first marriage, and brings up Courtney. Carly says it’s different with Sam.  Sam asks if it’s different because Carly approved of Courtney, but Carly makes a snark about rules of conduct.  Sam reminds Carly that she wanted them to have a baby, but that she only wanted to do it, so they would be indebted to Carly.  Jason tells her that he’s been setting everything aside for Carly, but he can’t do it anymore.  Carly uses the Joss card, saying she almost lost her because she wouldn’t break ties to him.  Jason reminds her he lost a son and that made him realize he needs to hold onto love, which means Sam is a priority. Jason tells Carly that there must be boundaries in their relationship now.  Carly wonders what will happen if she can't agree to those terms. 

Jason explains that he's marrying Sam either way it goes, and Carly mentions coming in second again.  Jason informs her that it’s more about Sam coming first.  Carly complains that he’s already changed, but sarcastically says she’ll keep her crisis to a minimum.  After Carly leaves, Jason assures his fiancé that he is choosing her and that's the way it has to be.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s apartment and sees blood drops on the floor. He surprises Siobhan, who is cleaning up in the bathroom.  She tells him about the nosebleed, but brushes it off.  Siobhan has changed her mind about Lucky, despite catching him going through her purse and going to see Liz.  Ethan explains that addicts lie and likens Lucky to their father. He believes Lucky wants to be tempted.  After he leaves, Siobhan listens to the voice message Lucky left her.

Liz leaves Lucky a message to be careful.  Matt joins her and the two make small talk, mostly about Maxie.  Liz is pretty harsh about her feelings and Matt defends his girlfriend.  Talk turns to Spinelli, and Matt wonders what’s really wrong with him and hopes that he hasn’t dragged Maxie into something dangerous.  Liz complains about people who don’t have real problems and goes back to Maxie faking a pregnancy.  Matt says people make mistakes, brings up Liz and Lucky's current relationship. He thinks Liz is falling for Lucky, which would make her the other woman, since she’s putting time and energy in someone else’s husband.  Liz denies any similarities. 

Matt brings up Maxie being abandoned by her mother, but Liz says at some point, you have to grow up and stop blaming your parents.  Matt feels Maxie is always looking for approval.  Liz says she hopes Maxie appreciates what she has in Matt. 

Spin and Maxie show up at Jason’s office and Spin waits outside while Maxie goes in to speak with JaSam. She tells them she found the ring, but will not to give it back, until Jason admits he owes her and will grant her a favor when she calls it in.  Jason finally agrees and Maxie heads out to get the ring cleaned, only to find Spinelli has taken off.

Carly is confronted by the man following her.

Liz finds Lucky hallucinating in the alley and promises to help him.