Good Googly Moogly: Is All My Children Bringing Gillian Back Too?!


Okay, so I just praised All My Children in my latest Ratings, Rants and Raves, and I am gonna try to stay in that head space. Soaps in Depth is reporting Esta TerBlanche is also returning as Ryan's (Cameron Mathison) long dead wife Princess Gilian Andrassy. Holy, Lazurus, Batman, is AMC going to bring back each and every single character who ever died in Pine Valley before the show goes off network TV? Are Mona, Grandma Kate and Palmer all gonna say one big "Gotcha!" on Sept. 23?

Look, like legions of Pine Valley lovers, I adored me some Gillian, but it's gonna be crazy as hell if she's alive too. Hello, Brooke's (Julia Barr) ward has her heart! I feel like Whoopi Goldberg in Soap Dish, saying "But he doesn't have a head!" over and over again...