General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Lante are back in town and determined to rechristen their apartment. Ronnie shows up and asks to speak privately to Dante and lets him know about the drug ring and Lucky being assigned to it. Dante’s sure Lucky will be fine, since he’s been clean for years, but promises to help out. When Ronnie leaves, Dante tells Lulu he has to get to work, but doesn’t tell her that it involves Lucky.

Lucky swears to Liz that they made him take the drugs, and she believes him. She needs to know what it was and wants to take him to the hospital or call the police or call Siobhan, but Lucky’s won’t let her. She keeps trying to get him to stand, but he keeps falling and he begs her to believe him, which she does. She promises him that he can handle what happened and to trust her to call for help. Dante comes across them in the alley.

JT meets with Anthony and gives him the rundown of what happened with Lucky. He makes the mistake of asking Anthony for more money, so Anthony proceeds to strangle JT, as Johnny gets home. Anthony lets JT go but Johnny says he’s tired of cleaning up his father’s messes. Johnny’s angry that his father is always threatening the peace that he has set up and wonders how much more he’ll have to take, since he’s in charge. Anthony reminds him that his manners need work.

Tracy shows up at Johnny’s and warns him to keep his father on a short leash. Anthony’s happy to see her, despite her assertion that she doesn’t like him. Tracy accuses him of stalking her and lets Johnny know that Anthony tried to buy stock in ELQ with a phony name and swears Anthony will never get a piece of her or her company.

After Tracy leaves, Johnny warns him father to back off ELQ. He points out that using fake names and fake companies is a parole violation and that he has a paper trail. Anthony is shocked that his people have given him up, but Johnny reminds him that they’re his people now and to do as he says. When Johnny leaves the room, Anthony calls his woman with the bracelet to see if she’s ready to join him now. The woman turns out to be Skye.

Michael and Abby are looking for Sonny at the island because Michael needs to make sure his father is okay. Abby says Sonny might want to be alone and won’t want Michael to see him hurting. Michael tells her stories of coming to the island with Sonny as a kid and how happy they were and now Brenda broke Sonny’s trust by leaving with Jax. Abby wonders if he’s looking for his father to prove that he can be trusted in the business. Michael says he can’t stand around and do nothing and Abby points out that at some point the parent/child relationship changes and they need your support and promises to keep looking. The casino manager stops by and lets Michael know that Sonny has already gone back to Port Charles.

Sonny gets back home and proceeds to destroy his bedroom. He’s angry when Robin finds him there. She’s there to give him the letter from Brenda, but he doesn’t want it. Robin says Brenda didn’t like that Sonny sided with Carly, but Sonny says he was actually siding with Carly’s daughter. Robin tells him Brenda loves him, but couldn’t deal with his life once her son came along. Sonny says Brenda should have thought of her vows, but Robin points out that he shut Brenda out of his life and then went after her friend.

Sonny asks if he or Jax is Robin’s friend and tells her to make a choice. Robin tells him not to push her away and asks if he went after Brenda. He says he didn’t, that he was busy tying up loose ends. Robin finds a full prescription of his medication and warns him that he can’t afford not to take them, that it won’t end well. Robin says she feels responsible since she got Brenda and Sonny back together and swears he will survive this, just like he always has and maybe he’ll learn something this time. She leaves the letter before she goes.

Tracy stops by to see Lulu and asks about finding Luke. Lulu admits she didn’t find her father and when Tracy asks why she isn’t still out there looking, Lulu says it’s not her job to find Luke. She figures if her father wants to find her, he will and that she had Dante to help her. Lulu lets Tracy in on the fact that Luke has something going on with Helena, which Tracy is not happy to hear. Tracy talks about having conversations with herself about what she would say and do when Luke returns, but she figures in her experience, men leave. Lulu tells her things could still pan out.

Liz explains to Dante what happened to Lucky and that she needs to go to the hospital to get some medications to counteract what he was given. She promises Lucky that she’ll come back for him and leaves him with Dante. Lucky asks Dante not to call it in, and Dante promises. He gets a call, but denies having found Lucky. When he turns back, Lucky picks up something and knocks Dante out. When Liz returns, she finds Dante unconscious and Lucky nowhere to be found.

Closing montage: Johnny reading information about ELQ, while Anthony watches. Skye packing her bags, including the bracelet. Tracy packing up Luke’s office at the Star. Lulu cleans out Dante’s fridge. Sonny is looking at the letter and his bottle of pills. Lucky standing on some ledge, bug eyed.