She Said: OLTL's Robin Strasser Gives Her Side About Departure


One of soaps original vixens, Robin Strasser, didn't hold back when speaking with TV Guide'sMichael Logan about her exit from One Life To Live. In true La Strasser style, she clears up the misnomers regarding leaving the citizens of fair Llanview behind.

TV Guide Magazine: As it turned out, ABC gave you a much earlier exit than you had requested. Let's talk about that. [Note: After my earlier report on Strasser in TV Guide Magazine, an ABC spokesperson contacted me with this statement: "The network did not 'cut her loose.' We planned her exit according to her wishes and timeline she provided." As you will see, the actress disputes that.]

Strasser: I went prepared to a meeting with [OLTL exec producer] Frank Valentini and took notes. I gave him August 19 as the likely last tape date for me before departing for what I expected to be at least eight weeks for surgery and recuperation. I don't go to the well without being respectful of Frank's time so we were talking in shorthand and lo and behold he told me I'd be out by July 1. I said, "That soon? You don't even want to say August 1?" "No," he said. "July 1." This was prior to the announcement that there were a number of other actors also being written out on July 1. He put me into the exiting herd, and that is the situation to the best of my recollection and according to the notes I made at the time. I went in to talk about working through the end of August.

Here's hoping Strasser is one of the first set of actors Prospect Park calls to continue on with OLTL.  To find out more on Strasser's meeting with Valentini click here!