The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Vows Payback!


Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill is in some serious hot water with his wife. Katie lays down the law and tells Bill he must ditch Steffy or they are through. Later, Bill visits Steffy and breaks up with her.

Steffy: The Forrester hellcat has the wind knocked out of her once Bill kicks her to the curb. Ridge realizes Steffy turned to Bill, as a way of not getting enough affection from him (Yes, kids). The chiseled one is there for his little girl and approves of her wanting to get revenge on The Spencer's.

Bill: He decides to dish out some payback on Ridge and meets with Nick to become a partner at Jackie M.

Brooke: The vixen from the Valley finds out about Bill's meeting with Nick.

Liam: He confesses to Hope that he isn't sure he can survive by having a non-physical relationship with her.

Hope/Steffy: The stepsisters throw down over their families rivalry. Later, Steffy comes up with a plan to get back at Hope.

Nick: He attempts to have his mom, Jackie, and Owen move out, so he can keep his privacy.

Ridge/Taylor: The two are very confused on how to deal with Steffy.