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Deidre Hall Chats About DAYS Comeback

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Deidre Hall’s onscreen return to Days of Our Lives can’t come soon enough. In an interview with We Love Soaps, Hall discusses her return to Salem, her book Deidre Hall’s Kitchen Close-Up and the return to family values at DAYS.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: When you mention the core value of the old DAYS, which DAYS are you referring to?  The show has gone through so many creative transformations from reality based storytelling to supernatural fantasies.  Which do you think viewers want to see?

Deidre Hall: It’s family at its core.  It’s Alice’s kitchen.  It’s multigenerational stories.  It’s sitting your kids down and wagging your finger at them.  It’s listening to your grandchildren.  It’s standing by your husband when he can’t stand for himself.  It’s the loyalty, the dedication, and the comfort we are longing for right now.  It’s those kinds of values.  

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