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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy finds Edward sitting in Michael’s office and complains about Michael playing hooky. Edward’s not concerned, saying time off improves job performance. Skye shows up and offers her help but Tracy wonders if she’s back in town, looking for money or a vacancy at the mansion. Skye says she’s in town for a fund raiser and accuses Tracy of scaring everyone away. Edward says Skye is welcome. Skye mentions Allan, but Tracy warns her off before stalking off. Skye thanks Edward for being kind to her, and he asks what she’s really up to.

Skye swears she came back for the charity benefit. Edward mentions an old deal she was involved with and wonders if she can take another look at it, saying she’s been sorely missed. Tracy returns as Skye is looking over some paperwork. Tracy says she has no say in ELQ, and that she’s always latching on. Flowers get delivered to Tracy and Skye reads the note, which is from Anthony. Skye pretends she thinks Anthony is still in prison.

Shawn finds Carly’s door wide open and lets himself in, ending up scaring her as she comes downstairs. He says he’s there to apologize for scaring her when he snuck up on her in front of Kelly’s. Seems, he was the one following her. Shawn’s concerned that Jax has evil intentions but Carly is sure that Jax won’t be doing anything. Carly wants to know if Shawn got the job in DC and at first he avoids the question, until he finally admits that he did get it, but wants to turn it down, in order to stay and protect her and Josslyn. He says he was offered a job teaching science and Carly admits he would make a great teacher.

Jason finds Sonny in the disheveled bedroom, saying he has an update. Sonny doesn’t want to hear anything about Brenda. Jason brings him up to speed about a truce with the Trejillos and Anthony being quiet, while he cleans up Sonny’s mess. Sonny questions why Jason isn’t tired of cleaning up after him and Jason points out that Sonny needs a clear head or Anthony will come after him. Jason says they need to discuss what happened and then bury it.

Jason finds the letter from Brenda and Sonny tells him to read it, that it likely says his life is too dangerous and she had a better offer from Jax. Jason wonders if Sonny would be behaving this way, if Brenda hadn’t left with Jax. Sonny says he forgot how insecure Brenda was and that Jax decided to pay him back and manipulated Brenda into going with him. Sonny says his life is meaningless without her and that he doesn’t deserve anything good. Sonny wonders why he can’t just burn down his life, but Jason points out that it means Jax would win.

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Jason says there’s no excuse for this behavior, now that Sonny has the medications to control it. Sonny says he wants to feel and wants to trash his life, but Jason tells him not to give Anthony an opening, that they need to stay ahead of Anthony and force him to make the mistakes and that he would risking his life for nothing.

Jason tells Sonny, that maybe Brenda didn’t leave with Jax, but just left. Sonny tells him he doesn’t understand the pain, since he’s never loved anyone like that. Sonny thinks he could have avoided all of this if he hadn’t convinced Brenda to come back to PC and to marry him. Jason points out that this time it was Brenda’s decision to leave and that he needs to focus on other things. Sonny tells him to look out for Anthony. Once Jason leaves, Sonny tears up the letter from Brenda, puts down the alcohol and picks up his medication.

Michael’s ready to spend the day on the beach, but Abby feels they should return to Port Charles. He’s very dismissive of the job, while she’s concerned about losing it. She wants to get into the legal department at ELQ. Michael asks if she really wants to leave, but despite her very good arguments, she decides to stay for the day.

Robin and Epiphany are discussing her color coded systems, but Pif isn’t happy about the new system. Robin says everyone knows that Pif runs the hospital and asks for her help in motivating the staff and improving things.

Maxie asks Robin if she’s seen Matt but Robin’s too busy to talk, since Liz called in sick. She’s also concerned about Patrick not wanting to follow the new rules and trying to distract her. Maxie points out that most patients want the best, so why isn’t Patrick doing the work, but Robin wants the surgeries spread around. Maxie tells her to pay attention to her marriage now that she’s gotten it back. Robin’s tired of people telling her to choose, and wonders why she can’t be good at her job and her marriage.

Matt complains to Patrick about Robin and Patrick complains about wanting attention. Matt tells him to go back to what attracted Robin to him in the first place. Patrick gets Epiphany to pick up a gift for him. He squirrels Robin away, despite her saying she can’t leave. Patrick insists she’s taking a break.

Carly tells Shawn to take the job in DC, that it would make him happy, which would make her happy. She assures him she will be fine so he leaves. A scruffy looking Jax checks into a hotel room, and takes out the picture of him and Joss and puts it on the bed.