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Which Soap Episodes Were SO GOOD You Saved Them on VHS, DVD or Your DVR?

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On this week’s Daytime Confidential podcast I went on a bit of a rant about how much I enjoyed last week’s All My Children. At some point in my diatribe–I got a little caught up so I don’t remember where–I said I’d enjoyed Friday’s episode so much I’d saved it to my DVR. Before Friday, the only soap episode I’d ever saved was Another World’s final episode on VHS. The topic became a bit of a hot one, for those two chat with me, on Twitter. Now I’d love to know which soap episode[s] were so good you kept them on VHS, saved them to your DVR or burned them to DVD.  Was it a show’s final episode, a wedding, the first time your favorite couple made love, the loss of a beloved character or something else? Share which ones you saved in the comments

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