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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Epiphany doesn’t want Robin leaving the hospital, but agrees with Patrick that she needs a bit of a break.  Patrick brings Robin to the Metro Court Spa for a massage, and tells her that dedication to her job is good, but she needs to find balance.  Robin’s there only minutes when she gets a call about an emergency board meeting and heads back to the hospital.  She offers Epiphany her massage pass and tells her to take a mandatory break.  Patrick returns to the spa to have quiet time with Robin, only to find Pif instead.   

Dante tells Liz that he hasn’t found Lucky and wants to call for backup, but Liz feels she has to protect him and thinks everyone will think he slipped up.  Liz says she won’t give up on Lucky, even if Dante has.  Dante swears he hasn’t given up, but points out that Lucky could be in serious trouble if they don’t find him soon.  Liz questions whether Dante believes that Lucky didn’t do this to himself or not. Dante thinks he did, so Liz asks again for more time, saying she’s gotten some medicine to counteract what Lucky was given.  Dante mentions her possibly getting in trouble for taking the meds, but offers to have someone check the GPS for Lucky’s cell phone.  He also says he’ll have to tell Lulu the truth if she asks, since he’s already lied to her. 

Siobhan leaves Lucky a voicemail, saying she believes in him and is worried. She doesn’t want to lose him, and heads out to look for him.  Lulu shows up at Lush’s apartment and finds the door unlocked, so she lets herself in.  Ethan arrives, to check up on Siobhan, who isn’t there.  Lulu figures she’ll leave Lucky a note, but is unsure how to explain that she’s given up on Luke. 

Lulu says she’s come to realize that she can’t throw her life away for her father and Ethan feels she made the right call.  Lulu’s still concerned, since Luke is with Helena and Ethan’s ears perk up when she mentions diamonds.  Ethan feels Luke and Helena are having fun and reminds her she can’t stop Luke or Lucky.  Lulu wonders what he’s talking about, so Ethan explains about Lucky taking the drug case. Lulu takes off to talk to Lucky.

Sonny finds Johnny hanging around one of his properties and wonders if John’s scoping out the place for his new drug ring.  At Johnny’s denial, Sonny points out that Anthony is the one in charge of the drug ring and needs to be dealt with.  Johnny tells him to do whatever he wants with Anthony, which Sonny claims shows a lack of loyalty.  Johnny makes a comment about Sonny’s kids and Sonny wonders if Johnny is stupid enough to threaten his family to his face.  Johnny counters by asking if Sonny is stupid enough to do something about it. 

Johnny says he’s only pointing out Sonny’s liabilities. He goes to point out that Sonny accused him of hurting Michael, when he hadn’t and then set up the car bomb when Kristina was playing her games. Even after all that, Johnny still brokered a truce.  Johnny reminds Sonny that he falsely accused Johnny before, and feels Sonny may be itching for a fight. Johnny informs Sonny that Brenda leaving had nothing to do with him, and advises Sonny not to make his present situation his ultimate personal downfall. 

Sonny feels he should have put a leash on Anthony a long time ago and Johnny starts to rant about the almighty Sonny and his moral code. He reminds Sonny that he started in strip industry, which is not known for its lack of drugs.  Sonny says it was ages ago, but Johnny accuses him of rewriting history because he now has kids and doesn’t want them around drugs.  Max and Milo grab Johnny with the intent of throwing him in the water, but Johnny fast-talks his way out of it. He brings up the fact that he’s been the keeper of the balance between everyone and if he sleeps with the fishes, there will be a free for all between the five families that will destroy the truce.  Johnny says Sonny needs him and he must chill out, so Sonny lets him go. 

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Matt and Maxie show up for dinner at the Metro Court and make small talk with Carly about Jax.  After she walks away, Maxie says she feels the drug thing was a set up.  Matt tells Maxie he was worried about her and Maxie says she won’t apologize for working with Spinelli.  Spinelli shows up at the restaurant, and Maxie is distracted by his shenanigans, so Matt tells her to deal with it.  Spin’s trying to take pastries off of people's plates, so Maxie and Olivia stop him. 

Back at the table, Matt says he’s surprised that the Jackal persona is still going on, and Maxie says she has no idea how to fix it.  Matt tells her to get Spinelli to GH somehow and he’ll have someone to help diagnose him. 

Maxie goes after Spinelli and says something is very wrong. She needs to be honest with him and feels that things can’t stay as they are anymore. Maxie tells Spin that she needs to take him somewhere immediately. 

Olivia asks Carly how she’s doing and after initially beating around the bush, Carly says she’s sad things didn’t work out with Jax.  Later on, Sonny shows up and Carly wonders if he blames her for Brenda leaving, but he blames Jax.  Sonny complains that no one understands the situation and explains his visit with Robin. Sonny is done apologizing for his life.  Carly’s sorry that Robin wasn’t a better friend in Sonny’s time of need.  Sonny warns that Jax could come back, but if that happens, he’d better not cross Sonny’s path.

JT meets with Anthony, seemingly no longer upset about that pesky, attempted strangling in the middle of the living room thing.  Anthony explains that since Spinelli has been “investigating” the cupcake store, this is actually the perfect time to use the place, since no one would suspect anything.  He wants to be sure that Lucky stays on his speed trip and out of the way for the set up. Anthony wants Lucky either discredited or disposed of, and tells JT to leave, so that they’re not seen together.  Siobhan overhears, but Anthony realizes someone’s there and pulls out his trusty strangling string. 

Liz, who’s looking for Lucky, scares off Anthony.  She checks in with Dante, who tells her the cell phone was traced to a warehouse. Liz offers to go and find Lucky, since she’s the only one who seems to be able to calm him down.  Siobhan follows Liz, and Anthony follows both.

Jax is dressed and ready to go postal on someone. He's trying to make a call to fuel his plane to be ready to leave.  Skye overhears him.

Bug eyed Lucky is wandering around an abandoned house.  Maybe I missed something, but I think it was the burned out Spencer home. 

At the warehouse, Liz finds the phone, but no Lucky.  She calls Dante and lets him know.  Dante wants to call it in because they need to find him.  Lulu walks up behind Date and wonders who they need to find.  Liz begs Dante on the phone not to tell anyone, but to give her an hour to find Lucky. Dante promises her and when he gets off the phone, he tells Lulu that he hasn’t seen Lucky, so she heads off to look for him. 

Lucky’s phone starts to ring as Liz is holding it, and she sees that it’s Siobhan calling.  Siobhan’s standing right behind her and calls out to Liz to answer the phone and tell her where her husband is.