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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam wants to discuss wedding plans with Jason, but he honestly just wants what she wants.  Jason balks at the mention of Maxie planning things, since she’ll make everything pink.  Ultimately, Sam only wants them to plan things together. Sam lets him know that Maxie, Kris and Molly have already picked out dresses.   

Carly goes home to tuck Josslyn into bed for the night and talks about missing Jax.  Before she leaves to go back to the fundraiser, she gives Mercedes some final instructions and admits they have some adjustments to make.   Jax watches from the window. 

Skye listens as Jax tells his people to get his plane fuelled and ready to go. The, she heads over to the fund raiser, and runs into Edward, who still wants to know why she’s back in town. 

Olivia speaks with Sonny, who’s hanging out at the Metro Court restaurant.  She doesn’t want him to cause trouble, because she sees the pain in his eyes and hurt in his heart over Brenda leaving.  He swears he won’t trash the hotel and says he was planning on throwing Brenda out anyway.  Sonny starts flirting, but Olivia says if he’s looking at her, he’s looking in the wrong direction.  She brings up a memory from their past about him going off on some guy, but she reminds him he’s not fourteen anymore and can’t pull stunts like that.  

Siobhan says she’s looking for her husband and thinks Liz wants him all to herself.  Liz tells her she’s trying to find Lucky.  Siobhan grabs the bag of drugs and vows to go to the hospital board. She figures a second strike should be the end of Liz’s career.  Liz begs her not to and admits the drugs are for Lucky to counteract the drugs in his system.  Siobhan immediately rants about Lucky slipping, but Liz tells her someone injected him with some drug.   Siobhan continues to accuse Liz of causing Lucky to slip, so she could save him, and eventually dump Siobhan. 

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Shawn shows up at the penthouse and lets Jason know that he’s worried about Carly, because he thinks Jax is going to come back and do something.  Shawn admits Jax hasn’t made contact.  Jason asks if Shawn wants a job protecting Carly again, but he says he needs to move on.  He makes a sort of apology about having worked with Theo, and Sam absolves him, saying he didn’t know what Theo had planned.  Shawn asks Jason to keep an eye on Carly, and heads out. 

At the fundraiser, Carly spots Skye and wonders why she’s here.  Skye says Jax sent her the invitation and she decided to come, since she was in town anyway.  Carly tells her that Jax is gone, but Skye says she saw Jax twenty minutes ago.  Carly takes off, leaving Olivia in charge.  Sonny natters on about having a huge box of pain that is overflowing, and Olivia tells him to be careful when he dumps that pain. 

Lucky wanders around the chapel and ends up seeing a vision of Liz in white.  The vision is interspersed with the teenage Liz who proclaimed her love for Lucky.  He tells vision Liz that he doesn’t know how to keep from falling apart.  When he reaches out to her, it turns out to be a sheet.  Lucky falls to the floor from the stress of it all. 

Siobhan accuses Liz of not caring about Lucky, and only wanting him to be dependent on her.  Liz reiterates that she got the meds to help Lucky.  Siobhan says she’ll tell anyone who will listen that Liz took the meds, but Liz will not let that happen.  The two struggle for the bag of drugs and fall. Liz goes down just one step, but Siobhan tumbles the rest of the way down, and hits her head on the floor. 

Sam and Jason continue to discuss their wedding plans, and he wants them to stay true to whom they are.  Sam wants them to pick a date and pulls out her calendar.  Carly shows up and interrupts, saying that Jax is back and she needs Jason’s help.  Sam wonders if Skye was messing with Carly by telling her she saw Jax, but Carly is sure it’s true.  Sam wonders why Carly didn’t go to the police directly, but Carly doesn’t want Jax arrested or destroyed, which is why she didn’t go to Sonny either.  Carly tells Jason that Sonny will try to kill Jax and she doesn’t want that.

Carly reminds Jason of his own loss, and Sam can’t believe that she would pull the Jake card to get Jason to do her bidding.  Carly says Jason helps and protects people and wonders if Jason will help her this time.  Carly and Jason head off to reach the house and Mercedes. Sam stays behind and circles a date on her calendar.

Jax lets himself into the house and knocks out Mercedes. He then proceeds to get Josslyn and her stuff.  He tells her to say, "Bye-Bye" to the house.  As he’s leaving, Shawn shows up at the door. 

Liz gets Siobhan into her car and drives off, while pleading with her to stay awake.  Siobhan continues to mutter that Liz pushed her down the stairs and wants Siobhan dead, despite Liz's denials to the contrary.  Liz reaches over to try to keep Siobhan awake and loses control of the car. She crashes, presumably into Jason and Carly.