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One Life to Live Spoilers: The DNA Test Results Are In!

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Madame Delphina, a teen pregnancy and DNA tests results flip things upside down in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of August 8!

Rex/Gigi/Natalie/Madame Delphina: Rex will try everything he can think of to prove his visions of Gigi are real. Echo will be concerned about her son, and tell Natalie about his recent behavior. Natalie is going to ask Madame Delphina if she can help. Madame Delphina will give Natalie a mysterious clue, "Spotted Pony". The clue will baffle Rex and Natalie. Will Rex and Natalie be able to figure out the clue? More importantly, are Rex's visions supernatural, or is someone in Llanview behind the Gigi sightings?

Destiny/Phylicia/Vivian: Destiny will be torn over what decision to make regarding her baby, but will ultimately choose to terminate the pregnancy. Vivian will give her some words of wisdom, and Destiny will finally reach out to her mother/grandmother Phylicia. The mother and daughter will start to make up, as Destiny spills her guts about her pregnancy. Phylicia will stand behind Destiny's decision and sign the papers necessary to go through with the procedure.

Before going to hospital, Destiny is going to stop by the rehab center to speak with Matthew. Destiny will tell Matthew that she has decided to have an abortion, as Nora listens in. Nora is going to plead with Destiny to rethink her decision. Nora says she and Bo will raise the child The pressure of everything will be too much for Destiny and she will run out of the room. Bo is going to show up and wonder what's going on. Nora informs Bo that he will soon be a grandfather. Later on, Phylicia will find out from Destiny about Nora's offer and be pissed that she may have changed Destiny's mind. Phylicia and Nora will have it out over Nora's words with Destiny. Will Destiny decide to keep the baby?

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Rama/Cristian/Vimal/Brody: Rama is going to tell Cristian that she and Vimal are back together as husband and wife. She will apologize for making him think something was possibly happening between them. Elsewhere, Vimal will inform Brody that Todd knows his secret, too. Will Brody confront Todd?

Clint: The judge will sentence Clint to prison time, but his lawyer will manage to get him out of it by suggesting house arrest. Viki is going to offer to have Clint stay at Llanfair to serve his sentence. The judge will grant Clint's request. Will Viki and Clint grow closer?

Todd(s)/Viki/Tea/Blair/Tomas: The DNA test results will be revealed, but they won't solve anything. The results prove BOTH men are Todd Manning!  Another DNA test is going to be ordered to prove the identity of the real Todd Manning. Viki is going to offer to take in Original Todd at Llanfair. Todd will not be pleased by Viki's actions. Dani will run into Original Todd and the two will chat.  Jack is going to stick by Todd's side, but Blair and Starr will not be so sure. Original Todd and Tea will share a special moment chock full of memories.

Later on, Original Todd is going to have a run in with Jessica. He will not believe that she worked for Todd and didn't realize it wasn't the real Todd. Jessica will admit that she felt something wasn't quite right with Todd. Meanwhile, Todd will ask Blair to help him prove to Starr that he is her father. Blair is not going to be open to Todd's suggestion. In turn, Todd will kiss Blair, but it only makes Blair more confused than ever. The two Todd's will have a showdown at Llanfair. Tomas is going to decide to team up with John and Brody to solve the problem of the two Todds. They will plan to investigate the mysterious compound. David will have some wise words for the two Todds. Could Todd and Tina's mother, the "late" Irene Manning, have the answers everyone is searching for? 

Nate/Nora/Bo/David: Nora will be more than upset that Bo didn't arrest Nate. Bo will inform Nora that Nate knows Matthew killed Eddie. She is going to have a not so nice talk with the young boy, and be left with a difficult decision to make. A little later, David and Bo will have a talk about what will happen to Nate. David is not going to be pleased to find out that Nate is not in jail and will try to find Destiny. What will happen to Nate?  

Starr/James: Starr will admit to James that Baz kissed her. As a way to show James how much she loves him, Starr will take James to bed. Where do Starr and James go from here?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (August 15):

  • Aubrey wants to make Rex her next man.
  • The Real Todd Manning is finally exposed.
  • Someone from the past shows up at Llanfair.
  • "Spotted Pony" means something to David and Cutter.
  • Nora tries to call a truce with Phylicia.
  • Natalie tells Brody about Madame Delphina's mysterious clue.