The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Saves Steffy!


Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Forrester hellcat is once again rescued by a Spencer! Liam dons his Superman cape and saves Steffy from a dangerous predicament and tells her to get on with her life. Steffy is very grateful for what Liam has done and tries returning the favor, but Hope isn't trying to hear that! Watch for Steffy to set her sights on Liam, much to Hope's chagrin. Liam starts to act a bit strange, setting off alarms for some...

Steffy: She taunts Hope for not giving it up to Liam. Steffy then lets her stepsister know she can keep Liam warm at nights (and not with a blanket!). Hope starts to fret. She wonders if her principles will cause Liam to leave her.

Ridge/Taylor: Doc and her ex become concern for Steffy. The two learn about what Liam did for her.

Nick: The sailor fills Owen and Jackie in on his business meeting with Bill.

Marcus/Dazyee: The two discuss having a relationship with Amber and Rosie in the picture.  

Ridge/Brooke: The chiseled one and Logan have a spat over Steffy and Hope.