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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Did Adam Rub Diane Out?


Adam: The black sheep Newman is the number one suspect in Diane's death. The medical examiner spots an imprint of the Harvard seal located on the ring. The GCPD search Adam's room and discover his ring.

Ronan: The FBI agent has ties to Avery. Nina runs into her long lost son and wants to know why he's in town. All Ronan will tell her is he's back to work on a case. Later, Ronan runs into Chloe who demands to know why he's back. Kevin jumps in and tells Ronan to kick rocks and NEVER return to Crimson Lights.

Colin: The mob boss pleads with Jill to forgive him. Colin winds up in Genevieve's arms instead!

Katherine: The grand dame is very close to learning who Tucker's son is.

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Deacon: He discovers something and uses it to get near Phyllis.

Lily: She still has feelings for Daniel.

Nikki: She hits Genoa City in the middle of drama serious drama.


Billy/Victoria: Villy fans take heart. These two are still in love and will be working their way back to each other. Billy and Victoria will have a tough road ahead of them.

Jack/Genevieve: Old Smilin' and Genaura start to heat things up while her bitch-fest with Jill does the same. Jack and Genevieve are going to make heads turn in GC once they hook up. Meanwhile, Jack is going to be a big dog in the corporate world that will make even Victor take notice.

Sharon: With all the foolishness Sharon has gone through, she will start moving in the direction to build herself back up again. Shadam fans, it sucks to be you. These two are going to be enemies while Sharon moves on with farmer Sam.