What Surprise is Waiting For Carrie And Austin in Salem on DAYS?

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Deidre Hall isn’t the only Days of our Lives star excited about returning to Salem. So are Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon. TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with the popular actors and talked to them about their return to DAYS as Carrie and Austin.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of sticking around, Carrie and Austin will return to Salem for the dedication of the new town square. What makes them drop everything in their lives and decide to stay there? Whatever it is, it must be huge.

Muldoon: It is, but we can't talk about it yet! At first it's all about romance and family but soon the conflict and the drama begin in a huge way. Salem has a surprise for us that keeps us there.

What do you think the surprise is waiting for Carrie and Austin in Salem?

Photo of Patrick Muldoon by PR Photos