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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz gets out of the car to find Siobhan, but realizes Jason’s in the other car, and tries to help. However, she can’t open the door.  She goes around to the other side, finds a purse, and assumes it’s Sam’s. She calls out for Sam, but finds Carly lying in the grass.  Carly tells Liz she thinks her wrist is broken, and Liz insists she not move.  Liz goes back to look for Siobhan, and discovers her lying in front of the car. She begins to beg her not to die.  Liz tries her cell phone, but doesn’t get reception in the storm.

Dante shows up out of nowhere and helps Liz.  Liz tells him she can’t get Jason’s door open, so after he calls in help on his radio, he manages to get the door open. Liz is finally able to check out Jason’s injuries.  Carly continues to mutter that she needs to get to Josslyn.  Liz explains to Dante what happened on the stairs with Siobhan and that they still need to find Lucky.  Paramedics finally arrive and take Jason, Siobhan and Carly to the hospital.  Dante insists on taking Liz in as well.  Carly tells Dante to have Olivia meet them at the hospital. 

Robin tells Patrick that he’ll be doing a tonsillectomy, which he isn’t thrilled about.  Patrick along with Steve and Matt discuss their problems on the elevator.  Matt explains that his date with Maxie didn’t work out because of Spinelli, and he’s worried because Spin needs help.  Patrick tells the men what happened at the spa, as Epiphany gets on the elevator and the three men snicker. 

Monica gives Robin advice about being chief of staff and keeping her marriage intact.  She tells Robin to find balance, and knows that it’s hard to forgive a cheater. She thinks maybe Robin is being hard on Patrick because of the resentment.  Robin says she’s forgiven Patrick and moved past it.  Monica tells her not to take things for granted, because she would give anything to have her family back.

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Robin drags Patrick home to have a spa night of the couples making.  After massages and nachos, the power goes out and Patrick decides to head back to the hospital in case he’s needed.  Robin stays behind, since Emma’s asleep in bed. 

Maxie has to stop by the Crimson offices before taking Spinelli wherever she’s going.  Lulu stops by looking for Lucky and explains that he may be using again. She wonders if he’s contacted Maxie.  Maxie swears she hasn’t seen Lucky, and Spin thinks she’s pulling a double cross on him with the drugs.  Lulu wonders why Spin is behaving the way that he is, and Maxie explains him getting shot. 

Spinelli is enthralled with Lulu, and calls her Moonlight, which annoys Maxie.  Spin says they have some catching up to do and Maxie wonders if he’s asking Lulu out.  Lulu thinks Maxie is jealous because Spin doesn’t worship her anymore. However, Maxie insists she’s trying to help him return to his old self. 

Maxie takes Lulu aside and admits she’s worried about Spinelli, but Lulu thinks Spin’s just playing to raise book sales.  Maxie says Spin has been goading Anthony, which doesn’t seem to faze Lulu.  Spinelli asks about the cake and when Maxie wonders what cake, he tells her the one for Lulu’s birthday.  Lulu points out that he’s the only one who remembered and is thrilled. 

Maxie needs to leave with Spin, and asks Lulu to help her by looking at some paperwork, which Lulu finally agrees to do. Before they get a chance to leave, the power goes out.

Shawn informs Jax that he’s not leaving with Josslyn, not on his watch.   Jax reminds Shawn that he has no say in the matter, because Jax is Joss’ father.  Shawn says he’s breaking the law, but Jax says Sonny broke it by planting the drugs.  Shawn says Joss is safe with Carly, and believes she’s a good mom. Jax counters by saying she has a blind spot when it comes to safety. He doesn’t want to Joss to end up like Michael. 

Shawn again says he won’t let Jax leave with Josslyn, but Jax wonders what he’ll do to stop them.  Jax claims Shawn only understands violence, but this isn’t like the war. Jax threatens that if he pulls something and someone gets killed, things will never end for Shawn.  As Jax is talking, Shawn hears his own dark war memories and finally steps aside, as Jax leaves with Josslyn. 

Olivia shows up at the hospital, as paramedics bring everyone in.  Dante assures her that he’s fine, so she goes to Carly, who tells her that Jax is back in town.  Monica sees Jason being brought it and calls Sam to let her know.  Steve tells Liz that Siobhan is in critical condition.  Liz explains what happened and is sure that when she wakes up, Siobhan will accuse Liz of trying to kill her.