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Rebecca Budig on All My Children Future and Missing Greenlee's Sense of Humor


Will Rebecca Budig be making the leap to the web with All My Children? TV Line's Megan Masters tried to find out in a recent chat with the soap starlet, who revealed her thoughts on the move online, plus her feelings about how the character of Greenlee has been written in recent years.  

TVLINE | It’s pretty common for actors to become attached to the characters they play over extended periods of time, so are you interested in staying with All My Children when — or if — it moves to the Internet? Or had you already accepted that this chapter in your life had ended when AMC‘s finale was set?

Yes! You are very intuitive. [Laughs] The truth is that in my head, I have moved on — and I think most of [the cast] had wrapped our heads around this. I’m a believer that change is good and that things happen for a reason, but I will never say never, because you never know. These [Prospect Park] guys are smart and I think they know what they’re doing. It’s super-ambitious and innovative and a new frontier — and I feel like All My Children is the perfect choice to start an online network. It’s gone from radio to TV and now to the Internet, so it kind of makes sense.

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On the writing for Greenlee:

TVLINE | Have you heard the latest reports that have Prospect Park courting cable channels to air the episodes after they debut online? If they locked in something like that, would you more seriously consider sticking with All My Children?

Wow. Gosh, I don’t know. I love the show and I’m so grateful for everything it’s done for me. I lived my twenties in New York and I had a great job — there’s no better way to grow up. But Greenlee hasn’t been written for recently the way she was written for when she was with Leo, and that’s what I really loved to do. It’s actually what I came back to do [when I rejoined AMC in 2009]. But it never really happened, and that’s a big factor to me. It’s not about the money, it’s that I want to sink my teeth into something. Greenlee was so funny before, but she lost her sense of humor. They do write funny stuff for her opposite Erica (Susan Lucci), I will say that. [Laughs]

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