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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick tells Monica, Carly and Sam that he needs to do more tests in order to fully diagnose Jason’s condition, so they can move forward.  Sam asks to see him and Patrick shows her the way.  Carly tries to follow, but is Monica stops her.

Edward asks if Jason is ok and Olivia admits she doesn’t know the details.  Skye wants to take Edward to the hospital, but Sonny insists that no one is to leave until he gets information on Jax’s whereabouts.  Skye says she hasn’t spoken to Jax and only saw him on the street.  Sonny thinks she’s hiding something.  Olivia steps in and tells Sonny to let Skye and Edward go.  Sonny tells her to go to Carly and reassure her. He'll deal with Jax in his own way.

Sam sits with an unconscious Jason and proceeds to warn him that he’s not going to let her plan the wedding by herself, because they’re in this together. Sam goes to say that he knows her so well and needs to hurry up and come back to her.  She loves the lug nut ring and understands that its true meaning is they’re joining together.  Carly listens at the door.

Alexis and Diane end up stranded at Jake’s on their way to the fundraiser.  Alexis tries to get a hold of her girls, but has no cell reception.  The two start knocking back Coleman’s drinks, while commiserating on their lives.  Diane is celebrating her book tour and a possible follow up.  Alexis tells her Sam is engaged and Diane is shocked that Jason actually popped the question.  She says she’s happy for them, and Sam will make a beautiful bride.  Diane figures that she and Alexis can live vicariously through the JaSam wedding. 

Diane wonders about the ring and is mortified when Alexis admits that Jason gave Sam a lug nut that she wears around her neck.  Talk turns to Alexis' lack of sex life, and Diane wonders when was the last time. She advises Alexis that if she waits any longer, all the good men will be gone.  Coleman lets them know that he’s back on the market after his break up with Kate.  Diane initially dismisses Coleman, but later on checks him out from afar until Alexis reminds her about Max.  Diane asks Alexis about Mac, but she says he doesn’t meet her needs and she’s not looking for a man.

Sam tells Carly she should get her wrist checked out, but Carly insists she wants to see Jason and neither Sam nor Monica will stop her.  Monica is surprised to see Skye, who explains that she’s with Edward.  Edward demands to see Jason, but Monica calls him down.

Matt’s out of Siobhan’s surgery and explains to Patrick that she’s stabilized, but wonders about Lucky's whereabouts.  He explains to Patrick what Liz told him about what happened to Siobhan, but thinks this newest development, after the mistake in the first surgery, will not help Liz.  Dante listens in and then interrupts, telling Matt that he believes Liz’s story.  After he leaves, Patrick asks Matt to check Jason’s scan, as he needs a second opinion.

Monica sits with Edward and assures him that Jason will be fine.  Edward knows she’s trying to help him and appreciates it.

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Carly tells Sam that it’s not fair to blame her, since the accident was not her fault.  Sam reminds her that not everything is about Carly and she needs to focus on being strong for Jason, so they can walk down the aisle.

Carly sits with Jason and tells him he’ll be ok. She knows he’s been through worse, and says it’s all her fault.  She admits she relies on him too much, but he’s the only one able to calm her down.  Carly tells Jason that he’s all she has.  She confesses she knows he loves Sam and is happy they’re getting married, but she changes it a bit.  She’s happy that he’s happy, but she’ll always need him and he’s stuck with her. Carly lets Jason know that if needing him caused him to be hurt, she's sorry. Patrick interrupts to show Matt the brain scans.  Matt says Jason’s in a lot of trouble.

Olivia shows up and informs Carly that she went to the house and discovered that Josslyn is gone.  Carly tells her to find Sonny to stop him, but Olivia explains that Sonny already knows.  Carly is worried that Sonny will kill Jax, but doesn’t want to go to the police because she doesn’t want Jax arrested.  Dante overhears and tells her that an arrest is better than the morgue.  Carly insists she’ll fix this and tells Dante not to do anything.

Sonny finds Jax’s broken down car and in a fit of rage, throws the car seat out.  He’s such a child.  Really!  Sonny calls Alexis at the bar, and asks if she’s spoken to Jax.  He hangs up when she says no.  Alexis and Diane continue to have drinks with Coleman.

Edward sits with Jason, and explains that he lost him once before. Jason was the best and brightest Quartermaine, and he never lost hope in that.  Edward knows they were reconnecting, especially with Michael coming to work for ELQ, but can’t lose Jason for real.

Sam interrupts Edward and reassures him that Jason will come back to them.  She tells him they’re engaged and Edward is happy to hear it, even though it took something sad to bring him good news.

Steve tells Carly that she needs to have her wrist examined, and at some point, she does get it wrapped up.  Patrick arrives, asking for a signature to bring Jason into surgery.  Patrick explains that there is a mass; possibly a tumor and they need to do a biopsy.  He admits there are risks involved.  Matt explains that there is swelling.  Carly asks if they should wait for the swelling to go down, but Monica snaps at her that Patrick knows what he’s doing.

Sam tells Carly that this is a family decision and Carly isn’t family.   The two start to argue, but Olivia breaks them up, telling Carly to go deal with her other issue.  Carly tells Olivia to stick around and give her updates on Jason.

Sam questions whether the surgery is too risky.  Monica tells her that medical authorization is for family and she’s the mother.  Sam says she’s the fiancée, which surprises Monica.  Sam says she has some rights

Lucky wakes up and calls Liz’s name.  He continues to wallow around in the abandoned church, having memories of his time with Liz.  Suddenly, Liz finds him.

Sonny finds Jax’s plane and when he hears a noise, he gets his gun ready.