GH's Steve Burton: "Liz's Fantasy is Going to Drive The Fans Crazy!"


As Jason goes under the knife on General Hospital, TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with Steve Burton.  In the interview they discuss the fantasy sequences, specifically Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst), and Jason’s engagement to Sam (Kelly Monaco).

TV Guide Magazine: These fantasy sequences sound like real fan-pleasers, especially for the Liz and Jason nuts who have never given up — or shut up — about a "Liason" reunion.

Burton: They have a real passion for seeing Elizabeth and Jason together and this is only going to make it worse! But that's a good thing. [Laughs] Liz's fantasy is going to drive the fans crazy! I think this idea has always been in the viewers' minds. What if Jason got in another accident? How would he wake up? Would he return to his old self? So we're doing some cool stuff with that. With the exception of Sam, who doesn't want Jason to change at all, everyone wants him to be somebody else. Monica wants her son back. Carly still has that little glimmer of hope that it might work out romantically for her and Jason. Their fantasies were a chance for me, after many, many years, to lighten up and loosen up and have fun playing a few different Jasons.

When asked about Jason’s relationship with Sam, Burton responded.

TV Guide Magazine: Uh, yeah, considering Sam doesn't give a hoot what Jason does for a living. He might wanna grab this one.

Burton: Exactly! Who else but Sam wants to be with a serial killer? That's why this relationship works and needs to move forward. Will we hit a few hurdles on the way to the marriage? Sure. Will we have a kid?

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