Bollywood Ending: Fired DAYS Vet Louise Sorel Blasts Soap Over Way Character Exits

I bet Louise Sorel wishes she had just told then Days of Our Lives executive producer Gary Tomlin to kick rocks when he asked her to return as Vivian Alamain back in December of 2009. The actress is speaking out again to Michael Logan in this week's print edition of TV Guide; this time about the insipid manner in which the beloved, comic villain she portrays is being written out of town. Auntie Viv's going Bollywood!


"This turns my character into an idiot, a cartoon," says the actress. "It's embarassing and pathetic for a woman of Vivian's age to suddenly announce she's going to be in Bollywood movies! I expressed my opinion to one of the producers much more crassly than I had intended because I was just so full of sadness and rage."

Apparently Vivian's manservant-turned-lover Ivan (Ivan G'Vera) is now a wealthy Bollywood producer and has plans to turn his beloved Madame into a film phenomenon in India. Okay, I see why Sorel is pissed. For more from the acting legend, pick up the Aug. 15-28 issue of TV Guide.