General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Monica is shocked that JaSam are getting married and Sam apologizes for not having told her sooner.  Patrick reminds them he needs an authorization from the next of kin to proceed.  Sam wonders if they should wait until Jason wakes up, and Matt agrees. However, Monica says she’s the mother, but Sam reminds her that she and Jason barely speak and believes Jason would want her (Sam) to choose.  Edward sticks by Monica.  Matt tells Patrick to confer with the chief of staff.

Matt and Patrick consult with Robin via webcam.  Patrick tells her there is a cyst or mass in Jason's head and a biopsy should be done.  Matt wants to wait and possibly treat it with a drug regimen.  At first, Robin is with Matt, until she hears about a previous surgery with scar tissue. When she asks more about it, Patrick admits the patient is Jason.  He begs her to trust him to save Jason and Robin agrees. 

Patrick tells the women that the chief of staff agreed to the surgery.  Sam says she’s not happy that Jason doesn’t know what’s going on, but Monica points out that medicine is like gambling.

Patrick tells Matt never to second-guess him in front of family members again, but Matt defends himself, saying they needed to know all the facts.  Matt thinks Patrick is bored with Robin’s new rules and wants to return to his former glory. Matt tells Patrick that he emotionally blackmailed Robin into agreeing with him. 

Carly leaves a phone message for Jax begging him to bring Josslyn back.  Dante walks in and overhears.  He wants to find Sonny before Sonny finds Jax, but Carly insists she doesn’t know where Sonny is or what he’s going to do.  Dante calls bull on that, saying Sonny’s other baby mamas might not know, but she would. 

Carly blames Brenda for leaving.  Dante says it’s all about revenge for Sonny and wants her to help stop him.   Carly understands that Sonny wants to help find Josslyn, but also wants to get back at Jax.  She swears she doesn’t know Jax's whereabouts, and Dante’s not sure if she’s lying.  She says she would lie about everything, except her daughter’s safety.  Dante takes off to find Sonny and advises Carly that when she hears from Jax to tell him to leave before Sonny kills him. 

Shawn finds Sonny on Jax’s plane.  Sonny wonders if Carly hired him, and then tells Shawn to leave.  Shawn tries to reason with Sonny, but Sonny gets even angrier when Shawn admits he saw Jax at the house and couldn’t stop him.  Shawn admits he messed with Jax’s car and is trying to avoid violence, especially where kids are concerned.  Sonny thinks Shawn is only trying to impress Carly.  Shawn guarantees that he’ll find Jax and bring Josslyn home, without a gun.  Sonny says Jax needs to be stopped.  Shawn points out that he’s willing to die for Josslyn, where Sonny is only willing to kill for her.

Shawn finds Carly having a hard time unzipping her dress, with her injured hand, so he does it for her.  After she changes, they discuss what’s happening.  She explains that Jason asked her about boundaries and she didn’t listen. Due to her disregard of those boundaries, he’s now injured.  Shawn assures her that it’s okay since she was worried about Josslyn.  He tells her he was there with Jax, but had an episode and froze.  Carly understands and tells him it wasn’t his fault. 

Mac stops by to see Robin and is happily surprised when she tells him she’s the new chief of staff.  She says she's having a hard time adjusting to being Patrick’s boss.  Robin says Patrick has a big ego, but she trusts him, especially tonight when he’s operating on Jason.  Talk turns to his lack of love life and he says he prefers to be alone to focus on work. 

Coleman wants to play a pool/drinking game with the ladies and Alexis is not interested, but Diane convinces her.  Alexis wonders what Max would think, but Diane says they’re drifting apart, so it doesn’t matter.  Later on, Coleman’s out of his shirt and Diane is down to her skivvies, when Mac drops by. 

Dante finds Sonny on Jax’s plane and wonders how far his father will go.  Sonny questions why Dante is hassling him and accuses his son of always thinking the worst of him.  Dante understands that Sonny hates Jax, but why kill him? Sonny figures stopping a kidnapping would be considered self-defense and sees nothing wrong with that.  Dante says Sonny isn’t about rescuing Joss; so much as he wants revenge on Jax for taking Brenda.

Sonny claims Brenda accepted his business, but Jax told her she’d be a bad mother if she stayed.  Dante says Brenda just didn’t like him anymore, and Sonny lost her. He needs to man up and stop blaming Jax.  Sonny swears he could have stopped her from leaving if given a chance.  Dante tells Sonny to give him the gun, but Sonny refuses.  Dante swears he’ll use his gun and arrest his father, if he must.  Sonny asks what the charges would be. Dante mentions the pilot that Sonny knocked out in order to get on the plane.  Dante tells Sonny to put his gun on the table, so Sonny does.  Dante starts to read Sonny his rights, but Sonny sucker punches his son and knocks him out cold. He proceeds to take his gun and leave.

Before Patrick takes Jason into surgery, Sam has one last visit with him. She tells him Monica thinks the procedure is for the best, and even though she knows how much he hates hospitals, she’s going along with it. She promises it will be all over when he wakes up. 

In the OR, Patrick sends the biopsy scope up Jason’s nose, as Monica, Sam and Edward watch from the gallery.

Shawn tells Carly to stay home in case either Sonny or Jax show up, and he’ll go out looking for Jax.  He asks if she knows where Jax would go.

There’s a knock on Robin’s door and when she opens it, Jax and Josslyn are standing there.