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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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John comes home to discover his father bought him a piano.  Anthony wants Johnny to play, but Johnny wants to talk about the drug ring and his father’s involvement.   Anthony denies any knowledge and the two start the usual argument of how he shot at Johnny and killed his mother.  Anthony says he’s paid for that in full already.  Johnny mentions the drug ring again, and Anthony says since he isn’t running the show, he at least wants a hobby on the side.  Johnny points out that drugs kill people, but Anthony doesn’t see it that way. 

Johnny doesn’t want his father to break the balance he’s achieved, but Anthony feels he’s getting things done that Johnny isn’t.  After Anthony leaves, Johnny calls one of his people to follow Anthony and report back. 

Liz injects Lucky with the drugs to counteract what he’s been given.  Lucky wakes up, and is happy to see her.  Liz explains that she’s giving him something to help.  Lucky doesn’t remember how he got to the church.  He tells her that when he was on his drug-induced haze, he saw several people, including Jake.  Liz says she sees him all the time and he’s happy.  Lucky’s version wasn’t so happy.  Lucky’s worried about Liz helping him, but she just wants to do something to make everything good for him.  She heads out to the car for more drugs, and he checks his phone messages. Lucky finally hears Siobhan’s message to him. 

Sonny finds Sam at the hospital and she gives him the details of Jason’s surgery, but he’s more interested in Robin's possible whereabouts. Sam is angry that Sonny doesn’t care about Jason, and that everything is about evening the score with Jax.  The orderly who stole the drugs (who’s name I don’t know) is lurking around. 

Robin is shocked to find Jax and Josslyn at her door and wonders what he plans on doing now that he has her.  Robin questions whether Jax understands how Carly must be feeling.  Jax says he wants to borrow Robin’s car to get to his plane.  He wanted a place to wait out the storm, where someone wouldn’t tell on him.  Robin says to give her Josslyn or to leave. 

Robin wants to at least change Josslyn out of her wet clothes and make sure she’s okay.  Jax is all about getting to the airport.  Robin wonders if he’s thought things through before they get out of control.  Shawn watches from the window.  Jax complains that Sonny set him up and Josslyn belongs with him. 

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Olivia shows up at Carly’s and offers to cook her some food.  Talk turns to Dante and Carly claims she doesn’t hate him as much as she did and hopes he can find Sonny to reason with him.  While Carly’s eating, they talk about Sonny and why Olivia never told him about Dante. They also speak about Kate standing him up and his hurt from that. Carly says Sonny is always losing people, but she stood by him. 

The women change topics to Carly’s marriage and how much she tried to make it work. Carly feels Jax knew what he was getting into when he married her.  She admits she’d never go back to the crazy that she had with Sonny.  Olivia points out that Sonny is still a part of Carly’s life.  Carly says Sonny has no boundaries and that scares her. 

Matt sits with an unconscious Siobhan to eat his lunch and complain about Maxie hanging with Spinelli and Patrick not taking his advice. He thinks winning means more to Patrick than the right procedure.  Matt decides to speak with Robin and complain. 

Matt calls Robin via webcam again, and Robin asks for an update, but it’s too soon to tell.  Matt complains that she should never have agreed with Patrick, because called her as chief of staff and not Mrs. Drake.  In the background, Josslyn whines and Matt hears her.  Then, Emma appears and comments about the baby.  Sonny listens in on Matt’s end of the conversation and then takes off.  Robin tells Matt they’ll discuss this later, so he signs off.  Jax thanks her for not telling on him. 

Robin wonders if Jax wants to spend his life on the run, since Carly will send Sonny after him.  She wants him to call Carly to let her know Josslyn is ok.  Jax admits that Carly already left him a message that she wants to work things out.  Shawn walks in and says he’s taking Josslyn back to her mother.

Monica lets Sam know that the procedure is done and they are waiting for the pathology report.  Sam apologizes for getting into it with her, and realizes that there are going to be more decisions to make. She wants Monica to make them.  Monica says she knows her place and that Sam should decide.  Sam apologizes for not telling her sooner about the engagement, but Monica says she understands they weren’t ready to build bridges yet.  Sam pulls out a picture of Jake for Monica.  Monica’s happy she has it, but wishes Jason had been a part of his son’s life. Monica's upset she drove Jason away.  Sam tells her not to blame herself.  Monica gets the call that the pathology report is back.   

Anthony meets with JT and the man who stole the drugs from the hospital for an update.  JT says Lucky has disappeared and they hope it’s off the pier.  The drug thief wonders about the Spencer woman in the hospital, and Anthony explains that it’s Lucky’s wife who heard him talking about using the bakery as a front.  Anthony tells them to wait, watch and be ready to act.  When Anthony gets back home, Johnny’s playing the piano and Anthony looks happy watching him do so. 

Jax wonders how Shawn knew where to find him, and if Sonny sent him.  Shawn says Jax has a very short list of friends who would help him after a kidnapping.  Shawn mentions that Carly went to Jason and then got into the accident.  Jax is bitter that she still turned to the mob for help.  Robin points out that Carly turned to a friend, just like he did.  Shawn goes on about how Carly could have died in the accident. He knows she still believes in Jax, because if she didn't, she would have set the police after him.  Jax wonders if he’s just supposed to walk away. Robin tells him he should, just until everything calms down. 

Shawn brings Josslyn back to Carly, who’s thankful.

Robin assures Jax that he did the right thing, but that Sonny isn’t done. He’s angry because Brenda left him, and thinks she did so with Jax. Jax admits he didn’t get off the plane with Brenda, just dropped her off.  He decides it’s time to leave and Robin begs him to be careful.  Suddenly, Sonny storms in through the front door.