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Young and Restless Star Michael Muhney on His Daytime Emmy Crusade: "You Have to Learn to Fight For Yourself and Others Around You"

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Editor's Note: The Young and the Restless actor Michael Muhney (Adam)reached out to Daytime Confidential to further express his passionate campaign to see the Daytime Emmy submission process rectified. Muhney originally published the following statement in our comments, yet said we could feel free to post it as a separate blog item:


Thank you to those of you who are commenting objectively.

First of all, the issues that should be laid out on the table are the "similarities" between Adam Newman and myself: There are NONE. That is why it is called "acting". However, I am aware that the contempt that people have for me as a person is strongly influenced by the fact that folks watch me, on a daily basis, being arrogant, patronizing, condescending, antagonizing and did I say arrogant? So when reading interviews or comments from me there are many folks who are reading my comments in an "Adam" voice with "Adam" tones. How could you not? I really can't blame people for that. It's not like you know me as a person. How could you? We haven't met. You've not been around me to see the kind of person I really am. So let's move along to this issue of knowing the real me...YOU DON'T.

I am married. A father of two. I'm very dedicated to my family. I love my work. I'm thankful for it everyday. I've had a 14-year work streak that has afforded me a large resumé and a comfortable lifestyle. I am constantly humbled by how lucky I've been to live out my dream, live out my passion and support my family. I have accepted many humbling defeats over the years where big roles have slipped through my fingers when they were offered to big-name actors. So I continued moving forward and pushing on. I am where I am in my career because of me, my family's encouragement and a helluva lot of luck. Now let's move on to this issue of me being egotistical and self-serving...because I AM.

We all have to have a healthy ego, to a certain extent. Didn't our mothers and fathers raise us to believe how unique and wonderful and beautiful and gifted we all are? Didnt they encourage us to believe we are amazing because they were preparing us for a world that would constantly tell us how ugly, fat, worthless, and miserable we all are. Isn't that what you want to instill in your kids? Strength? Belief in oneself? Confidence? We all want that for our children, and we all know they need it to survive the harsh realities of human nature. So if our mothers and fathers raised us that way, and we raise our children that way, why is it that you are so brutal when you come across an adult that has held on to those values and strengths that we all admit children need to succeed as adults. I believe in myself. I believe I am very talented. I believe I can help make my show better. I believe I can help this dying genre. And yet, it makes a lot of you uncomfortable to hear that kind of confidence.

This business regularly crushes people's souls and leaves them penniless, alcoholic, addicted to drugs, or soul-smothered. You have to learn to fight for yourself and others around you who you care about. In "showbusiness" you have to promote yourself, and believe in your talents, otherwise nobody else will believe in you if you can't even believe in yourself. So to those of you who are saying an actor has an ego is like saying a chef loves food. The two go hand-in-hand. Is it self-serving to want the Emmy system changed? Sure. What a surprise there! Naysayers are really peeling back the curtain with this one. You mean to say, Michael Muhney wants things changed & fixed with regards to the Emmy system so he has a better chance of winning fair-and-square? Wow. Shocker. What a newsflash! How did you ever connect those dots?

I never claimed to be Mother Theresa, because I'm not. But I do believe in speaking up and fighting for what's fair, and I do believe folks I work with are being unfairly passed over while others are being pre-nominated and nominated when they have NO BUSINESS being in contention. So I speak up for myself (self-serving) and my peers (selfless). Because I am outspoken, and fearless, there are many many co-workers who have come to me and thanked me for speaking out. They have explained that they felt like they would be fired, back-burnered, or blacklisted for speaking out. They explained how they felt like fans would be brutal and judgmental and accusatory of their public stand. They didn't want to be accused of being sour grapes. But they agree with EVERY WORD I've spoken in public with regards to the broken, cliqueish, unfair, Emmy system that has become a joke in Hollywood. So when I speak out, I do so for myself, and all the others. A lot of these people are some of your favorite actors, people who have been snubbed, their storylines neglected, and I speak up for them as well.

Do you hear ANY actors from my show hinting at negativity towards me? Quite the opposite. I am not Adam, the pariah that you perceive me to be, I am Michael, the person who gets along with everyone in my show, who sticks up for himself and others against bullies. I willingly take the brunt of all your criticism on behalf of all the actors quietly cheering me on.

So go ahead, continue to be harsh, continue to attack my character and motivations. But you should know that I know something you'll probably NEVER I can sleep at night knowing all that I do for my family, my coworkers, my show, the Emmys, and the daytime medium. I won't give in to the negativity that is slowly crushing the life out of a beautiful medium. Instead, I'll do everything humanly possible to insure my coworkers will have jobs for as long as possible, and you have daytime soaps as something to watch for years to come.

So get outta my way if you're gettin' in my way. I'm doing everything I can to help a broken, dying, sinking genre. Are you?

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