All My Children Spoilers: Zach Has a Family Reunion; Dixie Tries to Help Her Son and Minx Makes Love!


Make love not war could be the motto for the denizens of Pine Valley this week on All My Children. As two of David's science experiments get reacquainted with their loved ones, a reluctantly celibate lesbian finally gets her back broken.

Zach/Kendall/Griffin: Kendall Hart Slater has no choice but to finally believe her not-so-late husband is back from the dead. Why Kendall was so hesitant to accept the truth—especially after seeing Dixie—is beyond me. Maybe she was hoping she would get a chance to let Griffin swing his stick at her pinata as much as I was? Nah. Probably not. Everybody in Pine Valley knows Zendall is "meant to be." Sigh. That won't stop Zach from being jealous when he overhears an intense convo between Grendall at the hospital.

Griffin is called in to examine Kendall after her borrowed heart starts acting all crazy after seeing Zach. The caliente doc is prepared to step aside now that Kendall's husband has returned, but could the fact that Zach is now hero worshipping David for saving his life make for a bumpy Zendall reunion? Look for a touching moment between Zach, Spike and Ian.

Minx: Bianca is taken aback when Marissa tells her she's ready to knock the dust off that...Okay, she doesn't say it quite like that. After they make love, Marissa assures Binks she is happy about what transpired, but don't look for the sapphic supercouple to spend too much time in the afterglow. See next item.

Marissa/JR/Dixie:JR wants his kid back. and really who could blame him? I mean, I know JR is drunker than Cooter Brown right about now, but Marissa is not that boy's mother — Dead Babe is! Look for Dixie to try to help her "Sunshine". The first thing she could do is book him a room at Betty Ford and/or get Annie a day pass so that she could come home and get him back on track with a little sexual healing. The last part of that wasn't a spoiler, just some of my Wishful Storytelling.

Dixie/Tad/Cara/David: Now that Dixie is once again alive, well and abstaining from pancakes, Cara feels left out in the marital cold. Look for David to pounce like the snake in the grass he is! Pine Valley's necromancer will reminisce with the leukemia patient he once saved from death's door. What, are they gonna light some candles, put on some Luther and think back on all the good times they shared while she was enduring chemo? Don't expect Griff to be too happy about sus hermana getting close to his mentor.

Jesse/Angie/Maya/Mookie: Now that Jesse knows that Lil Lucy is Maya's brat, he realizes he has some 'splainin to do. Dr. Angela Baxter Hubbard has forgiven Jesse a lot over the years (like disappearing for 20 years and fathering some stray girl), but this could be the lie that broke the blind doctor's back.

Erica Kane, Private Eye: Look for La Kane to be hellbent on getting to the bottom of the Orpheus Project. She should just watch episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day starring soon-to-be returning All My Children alum Alexa Havins. That show is all about figuring out why dead people are walking!